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I just want to let you all know how much I have learned from this brilliant site. Today my niece was with the endo in our local hospital. She is 18 and a couple of months ago her mum was telling me about her having issues with her throat swelling, feeling exausted one minute and then hyper, gaining weight, losing weight, awful periods, hair loss and a complete different child. I asked her to get her checked out with her doc and they found a goiter. Because of this brilliant site I was able to tell her about what bloods to push for. Her anitbodies were way high but her TSH T3 T4 great. The endo tried to dismiss her today as being stressed and that was the cause of high antibodies told her and her mum that she couldnt possibly be up one day and down the next. He said the girl needed to see a pshyc. Thankfully I was able to point out everything to her mum before the appointment and she dug her heels in and refused his answer. She said she had educated herself and her daughter had Hashimtos and that when she was in a hyper stage you could see the swelling in her throat. She also told endo about how low her Iron and B12 was and how could he dismiss that when it was printed in black and white. The result is that she is getting B12 shots, Iron supplements and having MRI scan Monday and other tests for Hashimotos. Thanks so much for you all educating me. Its my turn with him at the end of the month and I'm going to be as forceful as my sister. YOU'RE ALL A GREAT BUNCH THANK YOU!

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  • well done you AND your sister ....just yet again shows that a little correct knowledge gained from the good people on this site does actually work ......don't ever let them plebs bully you or force their preferred options onto you ..... just get the research done know what options are there and importantly YOU DECIDE where you want to go ......alan xx

  • Thanks Alan I'm so delighted for her. That endo had tried to do to her what he has already done to me. Last time I was with him he told me it was all in my head and I needed to see someone. I've been to a phycotherapist and she definately told me there was nothing wrong with me and to tell the endo to get my thyroid meds right. Can't wait to see him end of month going in with both barrells. I have Hashis also.

  • dont forget to make sure that you load ALL barrels ready to fire , as well as your aiming system , ......b.t.w. any chance of a front row seat as a fly on the wall ...... I could do with a damn good giggle when he squirms ......alan xxx

  • Fingers crossed Alan he will listen to me. He does not like it when you know your stuff. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Sometimes I wonder if it's not the Endocrinologists who should be medicated as they haven't a clue what's going on at times to their patients.

    We, who haven't been medically trained, have had to learn the hard way in order to try to recover our health and end up knowing more than most.

    Well done. Congratulations.

  • Thank you Shaws maybe those endos should come on this site it might open their eyes finally

  • Well done!!!! Thanks for letting us know that being educated and prepared does go a long way in getting the right treatment in spite of this rigid dogma.

  • I just wanted to let you all know how well everyone works together on the site. Brilliant people

  • Information IS power - as it enables us to ask the right questions :-)

  • It is Marz and only for all you I would never have been so informed once again thanks for all the support you gave me

  • So pleased for your niece and pleased that you sound in a much better place now Mauds.

  • I'm nearly there hopefully turn corner soon thanks so much for all the support and help

  • Mauds, brilliant outcome. Doesn't give one confidence in the endo when he suggests psych counselling because he patently doesn't understand how Hashimoto's affects one and if your sister hadn't pointed out the low B12 your niece presumably wouldn't get the shots she needs :(

    Good luck on Monday. Tell him your sister will accompany you in future if he doesn't shape up :-D

  • Thanks Clutter without you all I would never have known about hashis. My sister told me today that if I hadn't told her about what testing her child needed and helping her with understanding the results of her bloods she would have been ignorant like I was and would have believed him today that it was all in her daughters head. That's what frightens me that he could try dismiss the child today and not even bother with the blood results. What would have happened to her. Thank you clutter you've been a rock to mr and shaws you've all educated me. I'm not with him until end of month but I will go in ready for him. Hopefully this wil be the last time I will have to deal with this ignorant man as I'm nearly there with the savings for private endo.

  • Mauds, I liked the psych advice to tell him to get your thyroid meds right. I'd like to see his face when you tell him :-D

  • Can't wait to say it to him Clutter I'll let you know how it went

  • It's been done before that people have been diagnosed with a mental health problem instead of being diagnosed and treated for their hormone deficiency.

  • I know that now shaws thanks to all you

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