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Well, that wasnt expected

Well, not by my sister!!! lol

She keeps insisting that she too has thyroid trouble, but apart from the weight, she has no other symptoms.

She has been drinking a lot and peeing too.

Her bloods have revealed that she has type 2 diabetes and that her thyroid is perfect (0.5 range 0.2-4.2)

So now mum is harping on about how her dad (grandad) was type 1 diabetic and it runs in the family, and how poorly her one and only child is. (my brother and I call her the one and only as she was the only one wanted, and we were 'neglected' by mum once little sis arrived)

I have explained to mum that type 2 is lifestyle condition and not usually genetic, and that her reliance on RedBull and other energy drinks may have had a contribution. Mum ranted that sis watched what she ate was a 'little overweight' (yeah, like the titanic was a little boat) I explained as calmly as I could that both sis and I are actually classed as morbidly obese, and that is why I keep getting the lecture on type 2 diabetes off the docs etc at every darn hospital appointment. I think I have got through to her, as I know about type 2 as mum-in-law was diagnosed years ago, and I went with her to all her appts and to see the diabetic dietitian and she was doing great and lost a lot of weight too. Pity she no longer follows the rules, and piled more weight on than she lost and has now migrated into type 1 and has to inject insulin. She was told at the time she was diagnosed type 2 that is she followed the rules and ate healthily, there was a possibility of reverse the condition.

Felt like banging my head against the wall at times, as she wasnt for listening properly.

Ah well, what am I supposed to know?? lol

Ann xx

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Hi Ann,

Its funny but I have a little sis too who is the golden child well mid forties now. If she is ill its the end of the world but me with thyroid problems - its oh well if you eat less. If I eat any less I wont need a food cupboard!.

I know exactly what you are saying and what I do now is let them all get on with it one their own because they never listen to me anyway.

I would look after you and sod them

love and hugs Karen x


Hi Karen,

we must share the same cupboard then!!! I used to get the mick taken out of me at work, sat there with my little chicken salad and fruit for lunch.

She is the baby in the family and turned 40 in November and is constantly sniping at me. My mates feel it is jealousy. I have a loving and understanding hubby, 3 brilliant kids who have all done well, and I encourage to follow their dreams, and she got a doormat and a son that cant be ar$ed going to college, as she is making him do what she wants him to do.

Totally sod 'em all!!! lol

Love and hugs back attcha xxx <3

Ann xx


Just a hug from a neglected middle child...



You too, eh??? ((((hugs))))


oh dear, I feel really bad now as I am one of those 'little golden children', I am the youngest in my family (well there's only me and my brother nearly 4 years older than me) but I am that 'darling little one' and have been all my life.

when I was little I would get away with murder and poor brother, how much abuse he's put up with from me!

Now I am still the little darling at age 43 my father puts me on a pedestal and 'worships me' :D

I love being the little darling, it's a great thing to be :D

can't say I know what you feel like as I have never been in your place but if I have to 'imagine' then yeah, it 'sucks' and I do feel sorry for you, it must be awful.

Like GuardianAngel said 's** them', let them be, they will probably never understand


Hi Ann

I can honestly say that, other than a little "favouritism" towards each of my brothers (at different times) when I was younger (which may have been totally subjective on my part!) I am lucky that my parents are equally proud of all 3 of us for different reasons (after all, we are 3 different people!). The same was not true of their parents. I guess they made the extra effort NOT to be like their parents, just as you are nothing like your mum. You sound like a great mum :)

Carolyn x


hi Carolyn, its lovely to hear that there are some mothers out there that love every one of their children.

I love mine for their individuality, and never treat them different, and they are all my favourite in their own ways ;)

Ann xxx


Yeah me too! Although Heather is much prettier than either of the boys! :D



My brother was my Dad's golden child it has taken nearly 50 years for him to realise he is an a------e.

I decided about 5 years ago after all the trouble he caused when my Mum died I wanted nothing more to do with him and I am much happier.


Hi Ann

I'm still laughing at the 'Titanic was a little boat' comment!

What I do with my own family issues - leave them to it. Smile and walk away. Stress is bad for my TSH levels, so I leave it with them.

Now, as I walk away I'll also be thinking 'the Titanic was just a little boat'.

Thank you for that!



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