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Hi I saw my GP today to discuss my symptoms. I left the appointment not knowing much more. I briefly said I had experienced some nausea all yesterday afternoon and this morning I had diarrhoea. When the GP looked at my latest TSH she said it could be that I'm overmedicated. With the racing heart she says it could be anxiety and recommended I look at some self-help books on mindfulness. Re the iron, she said she would like me to take it rather than not at all and suggested I take it once a day as opposed to 3 times a day. She tells me they don't taste nice but they are a food supplement and she is worried that by me not taking them I will become anaemic. I asked her about taking something with the iron tablets, like orange juice, she told me no because orange juice will affect the absorption.

I think now the overmedication symptoms are disappearing slowly because today I have felt extremely depressed and the fatigue is worse than ever.

I have put in a request for my sick note to be extended. The GP and the receptionist told me that sick notes are not written in advance and so I will need to call my employer and say the sick note will again be late.

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  • Your doctor is mistaken about the orange juice and the iron. The vitamin C in the orange juice will help your body to absorb the iron!

  • Thanks I'll take a look at the site. I thought it was a bit weird about the whole iron absorption thing.

  • Do you have your blood test results? If not, ask for a print out of all your recent tests, with ranges. It's a good habit to get into and will help you spot trends, see where you are deficient and help you with taking control.

  • Yes, my blood test results are here.

    Ferritin - 21 range between 30 to 400

    Folate - 4.9 range between 4.6 to 18.7

    Vitamin D - 59.6 range between 50-75

    Vitamin B12 - 362 range between 180-900

    TSH - 0.36 range between 0.2 to 4.2

    Free T3 - 6.9 range between 4.1 to 6.7

    Free T4 - 25.1 range between 12 to 22

    Anti-TPO - 141 kIU/L range below 34

  • I can see why your doctor said to reduce your thyroid meds. From those results, I'd say anaemia is possibly your main problem. I had severe anaemia about 12 years ago (quote my doctor "basically you don't have any iron left in your body").

    I likened taking iron tablets to swallowing a brillo pad. Most get constipated, I had the runs for nearly 2 years before my iron levels rose right back up.

    You need to find stomach/intenstine friendly ways of taking iron. Try spatone water, if you don't already. I used to take ferrograd tablets - they are slow release and less irritating. I also used food grade iron tablets from the health food store and ate a lot of watercress.

    Your folate is low, too. Maybe try some folic acid tablets from your local chemist.

  • Thank you for your advice. :) yes, my doctor has said the taste of iron isn't great. I'm on ferrous fumerate 210mg but I'll think about getting something like Ferograd. Folic acid I'll get hold of, somewhere. Maybe try Amazon.

    Sorry, I was advised on here to cut my dose and skip a few days, GP doesn't know because she thinks my thyroid test is fine.

    I need to pick up my prescription for more Levothyroxine tomorrow and I'm trying to get hold of my other blood test results, for full bloods and liver function. The doctor didn't want me to see them, I thought I have a right to see them especially if exclamation marks are against the test names.

  • You certainly do have a right to see all your results.

  • I think it depends on the receptionist at the time. The one I asked the first time was a bit standoffish and the one I spoke to the time after printed off the TSH and FSH and LH and vitamins and mineral ones with no questions asked.

  • Folic Acid : look among the supplements for pregnant women. I got mine in Boots. Could have got it in Wilkos.

  • Thanks, I live near a Wilko. I'll take a look whilst on my travels.

  • Skyla, just let your employer know that you will be signed off for a further period and will send them the extended sick note when your GP issues it.

  • Ok, looks like it's one of those things that they'll have to understand. I've already exceeded my time off sick.

  • Try Floradix Liquid iron .It is easy on the "insides" and saved my sister in law from a blood transfusion as her iron levels had become so low a few years ago.

  • Thanks, The Iron tablets I've been given are awful as Rosetrees has said! As long as it tastes better than a brillo pad I'll get it.

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