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Blood work after finding a goiter. Diagnosis??

I noticed that I had a medium size bump on my throat along with a hoarse voice and difficulty swallowing. After a google search I had a strong impression that my thyroid was having issues. I tried to get into an Endo but the wait was seven months. I decided to do a walk in lab and get a full thyroid panel. These are my results:

TSH .008 Range .450-4.500

Thyroxine (T4) 16.9 Range 4.5-12.0

T3 Uptake 41 Range 24-39

Free Thyroxine Index 6.9 Range 1.2-4.9

Free T4 4.37 Range .82-1.77

Antithyroglobulin 1.7 Range 0.0-0.9

Thyroid Peroxidase 159 Range 0-34

Triidothyronine, Free, Serum 15.9 Range 2.0-4.4

As you can imagine I pretty much freaked out. Cried, yelled, and felt hopeless. My diagnosis is Graves Disease. I had a baby 9 months ago and my husband is pulling for Postpartum Thyroiditis. I'm taking another blood test today to determine if it is Graves of PTT.

What do you guys see here ? Is it looking like Graves? I did get a sooner endo appointment, but honestly I personally feel the medication is worse than the disease! At least that's what I learned on here by reading these stories. I'm pretty scared. Any advice?

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Welcome to the forum, Melissajkrantz.

You are definitely hyperthyroid but the Graves antibody tests will determine whether your hyperthyroidism is caused by Graves. It's not uncommon to have thyroid peroxidase antibodies which mean you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and Graves. Your husband is right too, your hyperthyroidism, if not Graves, may have been triggered by your pregnancy.

Some people do very well on anti-thyroid drugs so don't make up your mind that they won't suit out of hand and untried. You really need antithyroid meds now and shouldn't be waiting weeks to get someone to prescribe. Your physician should be able to prescribe while you await your endo appointment. Physician will need to check that the lump is an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) due to pumping out excess hormone. S/he will probably need to do an ultrasound scan to check the condition and size of your gland and any nodules.


I have an Endo appointment in 1.5 weeks after begging my OB/Gyn to call in a favor. Is that too long to wait? I'm not really planning on taking the meds. Not yet anyway. I don't feel good killing my organs. Shouldn't we find out what is causing my body to attack my thyroid? I've read a lot of information connecting diet to autoimmune diseases. I'm young, normal weight and nearly vegetarian. I'm thinking I may have a gluten intolerance or some other food sensitivity that will trigger my immune system. We do have a lot of occurrence of type 2 diabetes in my family. I have no symptoms of anything except this goiter. I feel fine. I am so afraid of going on a medicine that will make me sick.


Melissa, 1.5weeks is fine.

Antithyroid medication will regulate your thyroid hormone. It doesn't kill your organs. Excessive levels of thyroid hormone are dangerous and left untreated can cause atrial fibrillation and low bone mineral density.

12/18 months of medication may be long enough to regulate your hyperthyroidism and have a period of remission which is sometimes, but not always, permanent. Long term remission is unlikely if you have Graves antibodies.

Gluten-free diet is worth trying as it can reduce autoimmune antibodies and any form of soya, except fermented soy, should be avoided as it is very thyroid unfriendly.

Ask your physician/endo to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as hyperthyroid patients burn these up and if you are mostly meat free you won't be obtaining B12 from plant foods.


I eat plenty of shellfish, dairy and eggs so I'm not worried about my b-12. But I will get those other level checked. I can check them myself thankfully so I don't need a physician. I plan on taking all of my results into my first appointment and seeing what is suggested. I'm sure one of three methods will be suggested and then I'll seek out a Naturopath. I'm just hoping the endo has an open mind. Ugh! Thank you for your help confirming what we thought.


Plenty of every dietary source going might not be enough if you are failing to absorb the B12. Do bear in mind that people need to have it injected despite ready availability of tablets containing in excess of 1000 times the daily requirement. And if you had Entonox (gas and air) during labour, that can dramatically lower B12 levels.


This was my sixth delivery. No oxygen with any. I'm taking the great advice and having all of my vitamin levels checked. I too my TSI today and will find out in 2-3 days.


Hi I am sorry you have developed a thyroid gland problem. Sometimes this does happen after a delivery. If you cursor down to the question dated September 11, 2004 it may be helpful to you.

Even though you believe your B12 levels will be good, you may as well get it done along with your other blood tests. It is more than a vitamin but a hormone also. Many doctors will say you are fine even if at the low end of normal, whereas we have to be in the upper level to be of benefit.


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