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New to this - initial blood test results

Hi everyone, i wondered if anyone can shed any light on my recent blood test results (if you don't mind - I'm new to this thyroid game and feeling a bit lost)

To give a bit of background, i had thyroid tests 2 years ago and nothing came back except elevated cholesterol which GP wouldn't do anything about (not even further tests) as i was only 25 then (apparently don't test you usually unless you're 30+). At that time i was taking the Cilest birth control pill and had been for 9 years.

Come forward 2 years and Jan this year i came off Cilest as we wanted to try for a baby. Nothing's happened since and my periods are quite light (but definitely there) and short (2-3 days although regular like clockwork). I rang GP and asked for hormone tests thinking something like progesterone may be out of whack. Had those mid cycle and got results back Monday just gone saying everything was fine except "abnormal thyroid results". Had the GP call me last night and refer to an endo (but i have no appt yet as KGH don't have any available, waiting for a call back as i hear they're very good so i would rather see them if i can if i do stay with the NHS). I got my test results from the surgery this morning and they are:

T4 free - 26.4

TSH 0.01

Serum folate - 19.9 (sightly elevated; i was taking a vit b supplement at the time of the blood tests which i have now stopped so think this may just have been a factor of that - still taking folic acid once per day tho).

Dr has said this is indicative of hyper but i have no symptoms of it in fact when they first said thyroid abnormalities. I would have said hypo if anything; my nails break, i'm tired, my hair is lifeless and falls out, i'm usually either cold or merely warm with many layers when others are sweating, i don't sweat at all really, definitely not hyperactive *yawn*. Told the GP this and he went silent then said he would refer me.

Would it be possible to have these blood results as a sign of something else or due to being on Cilest for 11 years straight? Don't know if blood pressure indicates anything but mine is normal.

Also, on another note, can anyone recommend a private endo in the northants/Leics area? Someone on another thread said about a lady in Leamington Spa. I have private cover through my work so it seems pointless not to use it if there are endos near me who people recommend.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay!


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Welcome to the forum, Zippyladoodles.

It's the folic acid you should stop taking as folate is elevated, no problem continuing to take the B vitamins.

Low TSH and elevated FT4 and FT3 indicate hyperthyroidism. It's a pity your GP didn't request FT3. I think this has been caught early as FT4 is only slightly elevated and you aren't yet experiencing hyper symptoms but some of the symptoms you describe crossover with hyper and hypo.

Email for a list of private and NHS endos.


Thanks for replying. Can I request an F3 before I see an endo? If it's been caught early I take it that's a good thing. I don't really want to wait another 3 months so think I will try to go private. I have a GP referral so is that enough to get a private appt?

Was taking the folic acid as we were trying to concieve but I will stop everything for now until I see an expert.

Thanks for your help, I feel very 'at sea' at the moment.


Zippy, I'm surprised the lab didn't automatically test FT3 as your TSH is suppressed. You can certainly ask your GP to arrange a FT3 test. He may have to be quite insistent with the lab to get it done. It would be a good idea to have a follow up thyroid test in a month's time in case your levels have changed radically and you need Carbimazole prior to your endo consultation.

Most private consultants require a referral letter from your GP.


Thanks for your reply, i'm not surprised they didn't test for it TBH, according to the GP who called me last night (we don't get appts here without a lot of hassle) i was lucky to even get bloods done without "severe symptoms". Thinking of changing surgeries but that's a different matter. I may get a private T3 test done from Blue Horizon and then arrange to see an endo with the results, hopefully help things along a little!!


If it is hyperthyroidism the root cause will be with the thyroid gland flaring up and an endocrinologist can spot this. Sometimes patients can swing from hypo to hyper until the gland eventually gives way and they become hypo. If you continue to have hypothyroid symptoms, confirmed by high cholesterol and low SHBG (if your doctor will test) then do not accept any irreversable treatment such as thyroidectomy or radio iodine until it is perfectly clear you are hyperthyroid.


Greetings all - query - if Eltroxin is a 'common' prescription med for hypo, what are similarly 'common' meds for hyper? No equation, I imagine?


Coetzeegisella, Carbimazole is the first choice medication for hyperthyroidism in the UK and propylthiouracil (PTU) if Carbimazole isn't tolerated or during the first trimester in pregnancy.


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