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GP appt tomorrow (3rd in 6 weeks...) - cannot see the point.....update: and I was right sadly -

To continue the saga......

I have been seeing aNother (young - male, which doesn't really work for me, I'm sorry to say) Dr at the Practice. I first went after calling the Practice due to feeling pins and needles in my hands and feet.

At that appointment, I took along the list from Thyroid UK of the Thyroid signs and symptoms, which were of course, disregarded; I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a few days later had splints "fitted" (given to me) by a HCA. Of course it's CTS, it couldn't POSSIBLY be peripheral neuropathy as a hypothyroid symptom, oh no.

(Just as getting out of breath quite easily - worryingly - is asthma, not anything to do with anaemia or thyroid....).

He had very very grudgingly "agreed" - because I asked - to order TFTs; it was specifically agreed that T3 as well as T4 and of course,TSH would be tested. (I had hinted to him that I was about to take medication from overseas....). An appointment was made then for 3/10.

When the HCA took the blood, I asked oh so nicely (also saying that I would be back again in two weeks anyway for these tests as the TFT wouldn't show much without them) that Lipids and Ferritin be tested too.

Over a week later, I sneakily (and with some bravado, it must be said) picked up my results - printed, as I knew I would probably get blown off by the receptionist if I called. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, and if I was going to be told they were "normal", I damn well wanted to know what they actually are!

Guess what?

Only TSH. - which though, is on the rise at 3.01, up from 2 point something back in April.

High cholesterol - with NO dietary/lifestyle reason at all for this -

and Ferritin 38 in a range of 20 - ?300 (this is from memory, I don;t have the printout to hand).

I literally have no clue to what to do now. I know there is no point in going to the appointment - and the time this is taking, even now (in point of fact, I have been asking for help with thyroid and having many of the signs and symptoms - since 2010). I don't know why they seem to think that people have all the time in the world to keep going to the surgery on a weekly basis, let alone that I have never had any kind of job that would have tolerated it either.

As another side-issue, I have raised a complaint with the Practice Manager; I wrote to him back on 1st August. When I was in the Surgery the week before last, I left a message for him to call me and he did, not even having read (despite the fact that some admin person had called me to acknowledge the letter, as I had requested); it turned out that the letter had been opened and filed away; this was by then the 19th September.

He called me a week later (at home, I missed the call) to discuss my complaint after he had spoken to one of the Partners (in fact, one who had been very rude to me via a receptionist when he refused to test T3 and suggested HRT in front of a full waiting room). Needless to say, he has not called me again, even though he said he would.

I guess what he might say could have influenced whether or not I kept the appointment tomorrow*, so I called the Practice again just now and left a message but of course he's in meetings all day (again, despite, him telling me he is always available/readily accessible).

*As it is, I shall probably waste another morning and get myself upset for no real outcome - and will also feel that this poor young newly qualified GP shouldn't have to deal with "someone like me".

Any suggestions?? Thoughts?? Words of wisdom?? (And thank you for reading - again....)



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I don't see iron, folate, B12, Vit D or thyroid antibodies on there, so get them tested.

Maybe phone the lab yourself and ask them what your GP has to do to get your FT3 tested. Mine had to phone and put in a special request.

If necessary, Genova UK can do the test for you.

I would also order the saliva cortisol test from Genova

Once you have all the results you can decide on your course of action.

Maybe consider making an appointment to see Dr P or another private doctor who "gets" what's happening. PM me if you want contact details.


Hi Rosetrees - thank you.

Some of the other tests you mention were done earlier this year (results are at home - I'm not).

It was like pulling teeth to get the TFT (well, TSH) - doubt that any more would be done.

Equally, I would not think that access to details for the lab would be easy to come by.....

Private/chargeable tests are not really in my budget - I saw Dr P back in May; even quoting his "diagnosis" to the Dr(s) has fallen on stony ground.

He did say that he would "be happy to" refer me to a private endocrinologist.....but I have to find one.

(And the look on his face when I asked - stressing that it is NOT through vanity - about breast reduction!! [This from someone who was a A cup a few years ago - but he wouldn't know that as he is not MY Dr.... nor would he know that that "size" was due to very severe food/mental health issues - although I did show him a photograph, at which he shrugged, asked me when it was taken and wanted to weigh me (which I refused, as I have been trying to avoid scales as last time/year I ended up with a very bad obsession, and to find out that my current efforts have come to naught might JUST push me over the edge. Weight is NOT.EVERYTHING. But they seem to think that it - or BMI - is!)



Im having similar problems with regard to getting PROPER thyroid test. Every appointment with GP and rheumy I ask for these tests and have taken thyroiduk printouts and practically getting on my knees (if only I could they hurt too much) they just think its in my head and it must be my age, my weight and do I want a gastric band etc. my last bloods were taken only because I said I was going to get a private test done and could they take the bloods for me to send away to get tested properly as I want FT3 and FT4 and antibodies checked so I could self medicate. Gp reluctantly agreed but when results came usual no other test than TSH and ESR and CRP which were all raised but no test for antibodies or FT4 or FT3 which is what I asked for. I too am not sure what to do next. I have already changed my GP surgery and am getting really tired of this fight. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Ah - Joolz, hugs to you too.....

To be fair, I think you might be in "less good" (don't want to say "worse") shape than me in itself, part of the problem as looking OK must equate to actually being OK, right? After all, we got ourselves to the Surgery, so how dare we have something wrong that doesn't involve outward appearances being so terrible that they immediately despatch us to a Specialist...?

Always - always - the age/mind/weight...... So easy to pin it on these conditions, when it seems to me that there is almost an epidemic of symptoms in people that can be attributed to a malfunctioning thyroid.

I got hold of (some of my notes) recently - actually BEFORE I raised the "complaint" with the P/Manager - and there have been several occasions when blood tests warranted (as per the lab report, which stated; "Appt to be made") some kind of follow-up, even times when I personally - not being as vigilant as I am now - never even GOT the blood test results. But nothing was done.

Interestingly, I noted that one of the TRAINEE GPs that I saw at the end of 2012 (and who certainly didn't follow up with blood test results) labelled me as "Histrionic".

Fat little twerp.

Seriously though, I really do feel for you; it is so very difficult, especially of you have moved Surgery already.... Have you complained to the higher-ups at all?Although I know that the problem with that is that it is so exhausting and doesn't seem to move any (if there is any) treatment forward.

Moving surgery is my next step, as I have just been told that I can register with a different Practice altogether (rather than another Surgery belonging to this shitty group) in the next village. I don't want to but am sure that I will want to after my waste-of-time visit tomorrow.



Whatever you do, if you don't go to the appointment you have booked, then cancel it as soon as possible. I think there is nothing more guaranteed to piss people off than to make an appointment and not turn up.

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I shall go - but of course would follow the procedure for cancelling (always do) - but I have very little doubt that I am the one who will end up being pissed off. But - er - thanks.


Sorry if my post came across as a bit tetchy. It wasn't intentional. :)


It did - a little :o) It was mainly that you were pretty much stating the obvious to me.... :o)

So - since then anyway, I have actually got a call back from the Practice Manager. I am still keeping the possibly pointless appointment - but shall be meeting with the Practice Manager and (as it happens) the GP who dismissed me so humiliatingly back in - I think - February (he is the main Partner I guess) for an open-ended meeting (as in no 10-minute time limit) to hopefully "find a way forward".....


Soooooo -

TSH being over 3 (increased since April......) with no T3 or T4 tests, means that,

"You have enough thyroid hormone"

No other tests will be done as Low Ferritin and High Cholesterol don't mean anything :o(

Really pushed me to admit to this being "Depression".

*Head in hands*


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