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Very, Very upset...... I saw an Endocologist last Friday......I couldnt quite believe how ignorant and patronising he was......however, I

did go there with an open mind, but he was onlt interested in my TSH reading. This reading stated 5.12 TSH (he also said that my T4 was OK?). He said that my thyroid was OK and that I dont need to take any more tablets.....He is refering me to a CFS clinic.....

However, since joining this wonderful sight I have purchased some Natural Hormone tabs - I havent started taking them (I bought them with the advise and support from this forum).

My GP has actually far more understanding and 'know how' than these, so called 'specialsist'.

I want to report him (but of course there was another colegue with him).

I cant believe that these so called proffesionals get paid thousands of pounds, but for what???


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This is the BIG thing that I don't understand. Why do endos, whose patients we all really should be, because we have endocrine issues, prefer to refer you to a fake CFS clinic. Chronic fatigue isn't a syndrome, it's a symptom and the endo's job should be to help you find out what is causing it.

Why do they deny the existence of so many of their patients? It doesn't make sense to me. Surely there is funding to be had for clinics and extra jobs for endos if they accepted the patients as theirs. I know of no other "business" that would deny the existence of its clients, preferring to employ fewer staff and send potential clients elsewhere.


My G.P. says "they (endos) hope you will die in someone else's clinic." :/


Your GP may be one of the few enlightened ones.


Oh I don't know about that,I just think he's fed up arguing with me. :)


Sorry went to soon. ... Every time I see my G.P. I seem to complain about someone or something. The above was his response to "Do you know this man? he is rubbish." (the endo. I had just seen.)



He thinks your thyroid is ok with a TSH >5? I wonder if he's working to range >10 for a hypothyroid diagnosis. What is your FT4?

You need to bear in mind that most endos are diabetes experts and thyroid can be a bit of an add on. Will your GP refer you elsewhere or monitor your bloods if you take NDT?

Regardless, I'd certainly start taking the NDT. HarryE felt improvement in days. Start with half a grain for 4 weeks before raising in quarter grain increments until your symptoms resolve. Ask your GP for a TFT 4/6 weeks after starting. If GP writes T4+T3 being taken on the bloods request and asks for FT3 to be tested the lab might test it.


My heart sinks at the mere thought of an endo......like you, I went to see one on Tuesday. He was not ignorant in his manner, but he was when it came to my thyroid. He did say I was a difficult case because I have two autoimmune liver diseases as well as hashimotos disease....but he still did NOT prescribe any kind of medication for me. He did arrange a barrage of bloods though there was to my memory full Liver screen, full thyroid screen and around 15 others.....He suggested that my lack of under arm hair could be related to another autoimmune condition...well yay, I certainly need more of those. I have ordered some NDT from Thailand and am waiting for the results of the bloods and if he still refuses to help me then I will self medicate because I have had enough of feeling crap.....I also still have a cold which I have had for 3 weeks, but I am immune supressed (AIH meds) and he did give me some medication for that. I just want to feel well.

xx conniefused


I haven't had a single underarm hair for donkeys years - and I am waiting for tests for GH (genetic haemochromotosis) possibly related ? My Gp said he was glad that I had not been to see an Endo! God Save us All !! xxx


What is your lack of under arm hair related to? I have one hair. Most of my life. ????


I thought lack of body hair, eg underarm and genital area was a hypothyroid symptom?


This forum does not advocate self treating - but I have to say there is more knowledge here for us to learn from. Far more than we will learn from the GP surgery or from the Endos Clinic specialising in Diabetes.


I feel for you, I really do! I had my first and last endo appointment last week, and was told I had CFS. Well, I know where he can stick his CFS 'diagnosis'.... :D


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