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Small patch of dry skin

Hi there Ive had an underactive thyroid for around 5ish years...Im on 50mg of Thyroxine.

About 3 years ago I had a very small patch of dry skin just above my nose. Im always moisturising it with cream and vaseline but it wont go away and just recently it got very very dry and the skin kind of peeled off which has now left it red and it stings if I put cream on it.

Today I went to the doctor and he has frightened the life out of me as he is sending me to a dermatologist.

Im petrified it is skin cancer. He didnt say it was but said because Ive had it for 3 years he wants it checked out properly.

Has anybody on here ever had dry sore skin on the face due the having thyroid problems? I ask this because im wondering if maybe it is due to me having an underactive thyroid plus im menopausal :(

I was shocked about him sending me to the hospital as I thought he would just give my some cream for it..

I felt sick to my stomach and got myself in a right panic. Im a terrible worrier anyway.

Thankyou for any feedback.


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Tasia, skin cancers are usually raised areas and not just a dry patch. Try not to worry.


This is probably the start of a rodent ulcer. You will either be given a cream that will get rid of it, or they will remove the spot. They are really, really common so don't worry. I've had several removed, they are caused mostly by sun damage to the skin. I'm just waiting to have another two removed. Trust me you don't have to worry. I waited 10 weeks to have my last spots looked at, now doesn't that tell you that there is nothing urgent about them.

Take care. x


Hi Sounds like eczema, you need a cortisone cream from the gP.



I've had a dry patch in my eyebrow for a long time which sounds like yours. I put antifungal cream (Canesten which can be bought without prescription) on it for a couple of weeks and it seems to have gone away. I had previously tried other things without results.


Tasia, don't panic because he's sent you to a dermatologist! They are the best people to see about a skin problem. They are skin specialists. And it has nothing to do with cancer. If he suspected skin cancer he probably would have sent you to an oncologist, they deal with cancer.

Dry spots on the skin are pretty common with hypo. Lack of thyroid hormone can affect every part of the body. I used to get dry spots on the bottom of my shins - they were so bad when I was a kid they used to split and bleed in winter. Don't have them anymore, thank goodness! Not since I've been optimally treated.

So don't worry, I'm sure the dermatologist will help you. Take care.

Hugs, Grey


Hi everybody,

Thankyou all so much for your very helpful replies. Since reading them I have calmed down alot and am not worrying so much and I really appreciate all your replies back to me.

Im just waiting now for the letter to come through the door and get this sorted out. Im such a worrier anyway always have been the same since my mum passed with cancer over ten years ago every little ache and pain I get anxious about.

Once thankyou and ill let you know how I get on

:) xx


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