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Dry, red, flaky skin on face and neck


Hi, I have been hypothyroid for approx 11 years and am currently on 125mcg levo daily. Since May I have suffered with very dry skin on my face and neck. I look like a beetroot. My face is and neck are very red and the skin flakes dreadfully. It's also in my scalp but nowhere else on my body. I am also suffering with dry eyes which I manage with drops.

I am due to see a dermatologist in the next couple of weeks but my question is, does anybody know if this has anything to do with thyroid?

My tsh measured 1 recently.

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I've suffered the dry, itchy, flaky skin on my face, scalp and neck (and hands and feet).

Mine has almost very nearly cleared up (hooray) since I've addressed some vitamin shortages. Have you had your vitamin d and b12 checked recently? If not, that may be worth exploring with your doctor.

I hope you get it sorted soon.

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I have B12 injections every three months. I'm not sure the vit d has ever been checked though. I will look into that.

Thanks for responding.



I found vitamin A made the dry skin on my face and neck soft again and wrinkles round my eyes got better. Doctor told me just to use creams, I tried many but they never worked or I was allergic to many. I now only use pure coconut oil or Vaseline for moisturizing my face and neck.

Vitamin A with retinoic acid is also good for eyes, lungs and helps cure acne in teenagers too.

Thank you for the info. Where can I buy vit a with retinoic acid? I'm not sure I've ever seen it in the shops.

I find that taking a good fish oil.supplement providing omega 3, 3 times a day has helped my dry skin. Good luck

Hi there, can I ask how appointment with dermatologist went? I paid private before my recent hypo diagnosis (after demanding thyroid testing). The derm thought I had lupus!!! I'm struggling with my face, neck & chest. Can't begin to describe how upsetting it is dealing with the itching, swelling, burning, looking burnt, etc etc. I feel for you (but glad I'm not alone).

Hiya, I've been given dermol to wash with and eumovate to use. Every day for a week then every other day and so on until weaned off. Also fexafanadine to take which I haven't taken as I wanted to see if the first two things worked. He also ran a roller down my back and said I was allergic to something so I'm to have allergy testing in February. I have to say it's all been successful so far. I've been clear for about a month now. My GP also thought I may have lupus. The dermatologist ordered lots of blood tests which I had but I haven't heard anything so I'm presuming they are all ok. I expect I will have to see him again after the allergy testing.

Hope you get better soon.

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