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Hi all,

I have many symptoms indicating an underactive thyroid. Despite all my blood tests coming back as 'normal' my GP has agreed to send me to an Endocrinologist thankfully! Just wanted to ask you guys if anyone with Eczema or Psoriasis has seen a marked improvement once they have treatment? I have seen a few posts on here saying they think there is some connection.

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  • Thank you Marz :)

  • I was never diagnosed with Eczema or Psoriasis but I had a continual itchy rash on back, stomach, neck and occasionally legs for about 4 years which was only made worse by various prescribed medications which doctor tried - anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and hyrodrocortisone. The rash began to disappear when I started thyroid medication and has now gone almost completely as dose was raised.

  • Thank you, that is so interesting. I have had Psoriasis for years, nothing helps - diet, creams, steroids, light treatment etc. as my Hypo symptoms are getting worse so is my skin! I am convinced there is a link.


  • Vitamin D levels - how are they ? As I have found - our skin benefits from a good dose of sunshine :-)

  • It was at rock bottom at one point but I take a supplement now and blood test shows levels are fine

  • ...are you still taking VitD ? What was your last result ? Sorry to be a pest - but I do know what a difference having good levels of D and others can make to an ailing body.

    You can check onto my name and read my edited profile. Two of my conditions - even three - were linked to Low D. I have lived in Crete since 2004 and take 10000IU's daily :-)

  • I can't remember exactly but it wasn't top. I take 1,000 iu a day - perhaps not enough?

  • ..it does depend on your blood test result for VitD. You dose accordingly ...


    You will need to divide your D result by 2.5 to match the chart on the above link ....

  • Many thanks! :)

  • me too!

  • Hi Mine is worse on treatment but probably a coincidence.


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