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do these results show my body is getting more normal or will matters get worse?

hello I have had yet another set of results for my thyroid mainly because my serum creatine kinase had been over range, this one has come in as normal but the Thyroid function test that was done at the same time is quite different from 2 months ago.

July - Tsh 0.05 (0.3 - 5.6)

Free T4 12.5 (7.8-14.4 )

free T3 4.8 (3.9 - 6.2)

Sept Tsh 2.99

Free T4 9.9

(same ranges)

I should add my previous blood test showed very high thyroid peroxidase antibodies so I am aware things may change with regard to my Thyroid gland as Doc had said but I wondered if these recent results meant a change for the better or just a change as I still struggle with tiredness and other well known thyroid symptoms, have been taking B vits over last couple of months and the tests on B vit levels were in range so thinking that may be helping .

I would like to know if anyone had an idea what might be happening with my Thyroid?


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Your FT4 is way too low, but without knowing your FT3 it's hard to be sure, but it looks to me as if you are hypo. Ask your doctor for a trial of thyroxine if it hasn't already been prescribed. If a certain reluctance creeps in you could try explaining that it's your symptoms that sent you to see him.


First of all, if you had high antibodies you should have been prescribed levothyroxine, regardless of where your TSH level was.

It's now rising which shows your thyroid gland is flagging and the pituitary gland is trying to whip up extra hormones.

Go back to your GP, you should be on medication but he will probably tell you that your TSH is not high enough yet. The fact you have more symptoms shows you should be treated especially a low T4 which should be converting to sufficient T3.

If you email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article where it says that antibodies should be treated with levothyroxine.

PS - Yes it does mean you are getting worse with your results.


thank you both for your responses. I will try and speak to my doctor and ask for medication, his standard response is ' within range therefore no medication needed' and as results came back as such I reckon it wont be easy but will definitely bring up what you have said and get a copy of Dr Tofts article, don't like the idea that I'm getting worse or the fact I seem to have to need to be one step ahead of the doc but so glad your here to help, many thanks.


As we know your TSH is 'within the reference range' (they like to use the word 'normal' when we feel anything but normal). I would just ignore that for the moment.

You could open the sentence with I am getting more symptoms doctor and because I have a high antibody level Dr Toft who was President of the British Thyroid Association recommends medication....... and show him the appropriate sentence.

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Just adding padster that there is a Creatine Kinase link to T3 in Thyroid disease, we came across it ourselves when Hubby's CK was over range and asked his doctor to do a T3 test.

We found out that there is an inverse relation in the serum levels of T3 and CK in Thyroid Disease, so a raised CK could show a lowered T3 and point to Hypothyroidism.

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