I posted my blood results here a while ago and got advised to get b12 etc to top of range ( was 704 in range of 180-914)

I've been supplementing along with folate & iron.

Apart from being exhausted I'm still so breathless . has anyone else had this ?

I feel some days as if my chest is heavy - almost like a weight on it.

My other results were vit d 94 ( 50-150)

Folate 6.6 (2.70-34.00)

Ferretin 62 (20.00-275.00)

Thankyou !

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  • Your ferretin level is too low. In the range that you quote you would need to have a level of approximately 130 to be mid-range - i.e. double what your level currently is.

    Since your ferretin is too low it might mean that you are anaemic. Ferretin can be inflated by inflammation and give a false picture of what your iron status really is. You don't have enough information to get a full and accurate picture though. For that you would need a full iron panel done and a full blood count too.

    I had ferritin which was only just in range, and severe breathlessness was one of my symptoms. It has improved since I started taking iron supplements 15 months ago, but progress is slow.

    What kind of iron supplements are you taking, and at what dosage?

  • Same here. The best relief that I've ever had is from a B12 injection. Unfortunately, the doctor who let me have one as a trial then claimed that the effect was placebo. I'm now locked in a battle to get properly tested for B12 deficiency.

    My B12 serum level is 500 , and I've been taking B12 supplements in high does for years but it makes no improvement.

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