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Need links for b12 vit d uat etc to print off

Hi i need some links for the best information for my medical i.m due to really tell these doc.s the information they ain.t got and that explains what low b12 can do to you nd low vit d also other low vitamins and what uat means even when ur numbers are normal ,i have high antibodies hashi.s so if u have links to them aswell i would be really greatfull. I.m going armed this time as had enough of being told i.m fine when i ain.t just cause i look fine does not mean i am thanks .

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You may want to print off and highlight relevant areas rather than entire documents which your GP is unlikely to have the time to read during your appointment.


Thanks but not with my own doctor but dwp for my pip appeal as i also have other illnesses aswell that these affect like my hearing loss which is hormone related and already lost over half of my hearing and will get worse due to my thyroid now.


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