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Hi i.m having my pip tribunal soon waiting for date had all forms this morning the thing is the doctors report is dated the day i was told i finally had uat the 27th of december so shes only put what i was suffering from upto that point . Two weeks to the day i started having pins and needles constantly then loads of other symptoms just got worse i even asked on here about it and was told b12 etc. So back to doctors had my vits tested and found low in vit d iron calcium ferratin folic my b12 was 231 doctor wouldn.t treat me so self treated and i much improved. She did put mind that i had uat and no long term disabilitys will be affected with this it was as if she as it but its not going to affect her at all i.m so fed up of not being taken serious with uat people always respond as if its nothing . I told my doctor about me walking upstairs i said my legs kill me and i struggle to get upto the top and i.m out of breath also but if i.m walking on the flat i can walk for ages my legs will kill later on mind but it don.t affect me like hills or stairs . What i want is some links i can print off and send to my appeal so they know about b12 affects on the body and vit d and uat / hashi.s the best ones really like telling you the long term affects on the body the symptoms you can experaince and why going gluten free helps the body with out pip i can.t afford to go gluten free its just to expencive and my coeliac test said i was fine. I.m having to buy my own vitamins cause the doctors ones are rubbish low doses and not the ones you should take and they ate not cheap to buy and am to embarressed to say how down i am to the doctor he don.t take my uat serious and i put on a brave face to him and everyone saying i.m fine cause i have family yo look after but i ain.t i go to bed some nights and cry myself to sleep i hate how i always feel tired and worthless and having to rely on the kids to remember things all the time i just hate it i feel so old on times x

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  • Not much help I know, but gluten free doesn't have to be expensive (unless you are currently getting all your calories from own brand custard creams). Just don't eat/buy anything that contains gluten. Eat vegetables, fruit and dairy, and meat and fish if you aren't veggie, plus rice (other gluten-free grains tend to be more expensive). Sandwiches are not necessary to life. Don't tell them what you can do, tell them what a really bad day is like.

  • My b12 was higher than yours when i had undiagnosed pernicious anaemia. There are new guidelines out about the new level at which u need to be treated. Some one posted on here about it. U need to be tested for the antibodies. In my opinion your b12 is dangerously low. Got a bit lost in your post, but whoever said u have no disabilities is wrong. Look at the definition of disability under the Equality Act. If u are hypo, then u have a disability. Also, u can be severely gluten intolerant and the coeliac test will be negative

  • Hi sorry i was rabbling a bit my doctor said i don.t have any disabilitys i.m really not getting anywhere with them to be honest referred me to to a neuro but can take a year won.t refer me to endo yet cause he said that u get conflict tests when referred to two consultants. If anyone can get me the links to take to my doctor for the b12 new ranges would be great he even told me its a specialised area thyroid is and unless u studied it we don.t know much about it so great and we have to see them about this and treat us . My antibodies was 600 its the only reason i was finally given levo but still on 50mg not had blood tests since march won.t do them until next month

  • Hi antonia, its very difficult now to be eligible for disability benefits.They have made it so that only the most severely disabled will meet the criteria for the high mobility component. Basically if you can walk the length of a bus you dont qualify.I went to citizen advice, For the care component you have to need help with dressing, eating , bathing and just needing help with one of them eg dressing wont get you enough points by itself.There is a lower mobility if you can walk less than I think 30 yards but that is not far.I decided not to bother despite several medical conditions as I did not meet the criteria.Very few people will qualify it is not like the ols system

  • Hi i know but i had 4 points for my hearing as lost over half of my hearing in last 14 years what makes it worse is hormones so taking levo doesn.t help at all but its either suffer with all the symptoms of thyroid or lose my hearing slowly can.t have a operation either as its damaged to much was gutted they never gave me points for help with preparing food and i do need help on times with shoes and socks mainly sometimes buttons . Also have vertigo spells and balance problems on and off and palpitations when going upstairs and up hills and even when sitting down they just come on like ur hearts racing and u can.t breath tidy had a ecg and said i was fine .

  • What causes the problem of tying shoe laces and preparing meals? Hey not saying you shouldn't get PIP just how hard it is to get x

  • Pins and needles constantly and numb fingers also muscle weakness lifting pans i struggle with even grating cheese can.t do that my arms really ache and burn sometimes i have problems walking from muscle pains and burning sensation but some days i.m fine except muscle weakness is always there gone from being a strong person to not even able to open a pop bottle can.t even open a can of pop can't grip the can ring. Writing is the same i use to have lovely writing iys bloody terrible now, i have a touch screen phone so its easy for me to use i make a lot of spelling mistakes but i can go through it and change being posting reason why i like to email or txt i always have proof of whats said and can go back over it when forgotten which is easy done. I don.t know whats worse memory fog and things registering with me or not being able to do things cause i keep getting myself in embarassing situations as forgetting times or getting days wrong and peoples names never can remember peoples names i.m bloody terrible with them its so embarassing i even forgot my nephews name he.s 8 and for the life of me i could not remember it i had to ask one of my kids x

  • Good luck with it all love, hope you are succesful x

  • Thank you but probably won.t get it like so many others x

  • You can try for nothing.People keep telling me to but it all sounds such a hassle x

  • You should but a bit of advice have cab help you fill it out its the mistake i done myself i filled it out took me wks to do it and messed up then didn.t i reason why i think i was turned down no harm in trying is it x

  • Maybe, let us know how you get on x

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