B12/Vit D reactions - good and bad

Hey guys

I've been on the B12 supplements for a few days and have already added the B complex and this has been going well, My body does not seem to have any issue with them and a few unexpected things have happened. My memory and concentration and maths is still bad lol, maybe a little more alert but my legs feel less heavy and my PUPILS ARE DILATING somewhat. I've had issues with my eyes for last two years and have enlarged pupils which are not dilating letting in too much light which really hurts and has caused a lot of sun damage as too many UV rays entering. My optician thought it was my t3. However, I suddenly realised today that I have been able to look up in the street and haven't had to keep turning away from glare from computer screen and can see a lot clearer and everything less blurry with no headache or pain so I just looked in the mirror and covered my eyes and then let the light shine and they dilated lol - not all the way but almost there so quite chuffed with this especially after only a few days. Plus I actually walked a bit today as legs didn't feel so heavy/draggy :-)

However, the last two nights when I take the Vit d/k2 drops later in the eve at 9pm, I immediately seem to get shakey and a little weird/off and don't feel quite right and teeny bit nauseous maybe, and sides of head/ears feels a little explosive - really don't know how to explain this bit???? should I reduce the dose for a little while?

Also had a few sharp pains in side of stomach and needed to pee a lot more often. Just mentioning in case indication of too much on either? Both sublingual.

I'm really not liking the effect the Vitd is having so wanted to know what you thought.?

Many thanks in advance :-)

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  • HI I SUFFER FROM EYE ISSUES AND NEVER LINKED IT TO MY HASHIMOTO .WOW i would like to know more about it .

  • This may sound odd, but are you allergic to wool? Most Vitamin D is made from lanolin sourced from sheep wool.

    Other than that, there's a genetic setup that could cause side effects with vitamin D in concert with calcium.

  • Hiya, thanks, no I'm not allergic to wool - all my bedding is pure untreated wool lol, but there's none in the oil drops as checked the ingredients. I've had 3200 gels before without issue, the drops do seem very different in size every time so maybe the droppers not working very well and it's overload?

  • Thank you for this Learner1. I'm awaiting VitD results but am allergic to lanolin.

  • You will need to search for a vitamin D that's free of lanolin then...I think there's one on the market.

    Otherwise, prudent time in the sun during the warmer months of the year would be your choice, along with cod liver oil and mushrooms.

  • Hi there ... maybe you could try taking Vitamin D in softgels ... and NOT Sublingual .. maybe that wouldn't have such an acute effect on you ...... I have read others complain and been advised to take softgels ... that's the way I take mine with no ill effects

    Best of luck


  • Thanks, Yes, I have had softgels before without issue so will go back to them if issue doesn't go away :-)

  • 1. Try taking softgels or even tablets not sublingual drops for your vitamin D3

    2. Try taking your vitamin D3 supplement in softgel/tablet form with your lunch not later in the day on it's own.

    3. Make sure you take some magnesium regularly (daily if a supplement) as well as K2.

    If your vitamin D level is very low particularly under 25nmol/L then you will get some horrible side effects generally this is bone and/or muscle pain. You can feel shakey, weird and have difficulty sleeping but you shouldn't feel sick and/or have stomach pains. The reason to have your vitamin D with food in the middle of the day is to increase absorption and decrease side effects particularly sleep problems. You can take the magnesium at night to help you sleep and the magnesium helps with keeping calcium levels in check.

  • hiya, I can't take earlier in the day as have T3 doses throughout day and was warned not to take closely with these, I did forget to eat with it so will try that this eve and see if makes any difference.

    It has K2 included but I haven't got round to getting the magnesium yet but will order today.

    I don't think I'm that low as last check was 51 in october but I know when I reach 30 as bones hurt like you mention and my heart rate goes up and they haven't yet.

    Thank you :-)

  • Some people cannot tolerate vitd supplements, you may be one.

  • All of the advice I read says to take D with the fattiest meal of the day. I.e with food and with a meal that has fats.

    Is there some way of readjusting your other meds so that you can take your D/K earlier and with a meal?

  • Unfortunately, I really don't think I can tweak meds any further as already trying to fit iron for aneamia in too. I am slightly undermedicated at the mo due to hyper/possible toxicity issues with t3. If I stretch my t3 doses out longer, I will really struggle to get on at work and if I take more at once, it will just aggravate the issues I already have. I did mean to pick up some fatty foods like yoghurts to take with it but I just haven't had the time to go shopping yet but will get some tomorrow.

  • Hi, just wondered if you've seen an ophthalmologist through your GP wrt eyesight issues; an optician isn't really properly qualified to make a full assessment, especially wrt. medication and vitamins. It could be that you got mixed up about the terms, but just thought it was worth checking :-)


    I'm no expert myself, but my Mum, who has glaucoma and cataracts, has to go to the hospital as an outpatient for her eye problems, not to her optician who makes up her glasses.

    Consider taking lutein as a supplement if you've got any kind of macular degeneration, but try and get a diagnosis..

  • umm, they were just eye people to me as never looked into it. I don't go to the chains, I use a family independent one as they always knew better than the chains who always got it wrong anyway and just had a instinct they were crap. I just took a quick look at their website and the one who sees me does have a Masters degree in Clinical Ophthalmology and has undertaken a lot of research in molecular degeneration with the local hospital - does that count????

  • That's fair enough then :-) However, consider my point below... if you're Hashi's it's possible you also have Graves' antibodies as well and they're attacking your eyes. The assumption by your eye doctor is that it's the thyroid hormone that is responsible, not really sure about that tbh, but my understanding is that it could be an autoimmune thing, so you'd better ask your GP for a blood test.. and possibly get a second opinion.. it may be unconnected.

  • Sorry if my above response sounded cheeky - really hadn't meant too, am actually unsure what that type of degree even means so was actually really curious but I can see it read a little funny lol! Thank you :-)

  • In addition to the above, do you have Graves' thyroid antibodies? Best to get this checked out..not let it get any worse...

  • Would that be possible? I've been hashis since my teens (twenty years ago), have no sign of function in my thyroid for years as am on T3 only for nearly fifteen years and undermedicated at mo and still not producing any T4. I can get it checked if you think worthwhile for whatever reason? It started happening when I went GF and I have had to have several dose decreases and am only on half original dose of t3 so unsure what changed there, especially since everything else improved lol.

  • Frankly, I'm hopefully and quite likely wrong about it.. it's just a thought as I've read a lot of books on thyroid (Graves and Hashis) and you do get some crossover with weird anomalies. Anyway, your sight is too precious to leave to chance. I know people who've gone deaf due to undertreated thyroid and I'd worry about my sight even more than my hearing!

  • I don't think I'm at any risk of graves to be honest as I believe you'd have to have a functioning thyroid for this but I just had a quick look and thyroid eye disease does occasionally effect hypothyroid people but I think it's more to do with pressure caused by inflammation which appears fine in my case, all inflammation markers are also all very low in me now too.

    But yes, you are right, I really should get it looked at better as it has been concerning me recently and it's gone downhill so fast! I will go back to eye guy and see what he says and mention it to endo but I doubt he'll do anything about it. I will just have to start googling lol!

    Thank you :-)

  • It's pretty rare.. and if you've never been hyperthyroid in your life before then it'd be a bit surprising!

    All the best finding the answers and v pleased that for the most part you're doing pretty well! :-)

  • Hi Saggyuk

    I'm sure I read that b12 deficiency can affect the eyes, stopping the pupils contracting properly so that too much light is let in, causing light sensitivity. I have hashi's also, & suffer a bit with this even though blood test for b12 showed within normal range. So I supplement too. (I'm also vit D deficient.)

  • Yes, I hadn't connected this with the memory and other issues I've been having but was convinced I had b12 deificiency. I have seen some improvements already so am more positive now. I even managed to sit and watch tv without immediately falling asleep lol

  • Great to hear that you've got improvements. (I still haven't managed to stop nodding off watching tv) 😊

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