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B12 Vit D sorry forgot to mention. PARATHYROID ISSUES

Sorry forgot to mention, my vit D is extremely low out of Lab range and vitamin B12 low just under lab range. Been pprescribed meds by dr.

I have cramps leg usually in the middle of the night, feeling of numbness, tingling and feeling a bit strange sometimes. Lots of oother symptoms, l would be grateful if anyone can help me understand what is happening to me. Also my lovely hair is falling out l have white patches on my scalp which are getting more noticeable. . Thanks again Olly.

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For Hyperparathyroid issues, you may find hyperparathyroid.org.uk useful as a source of info on symptoms and support.


Thank you for your help. Olly


You say you have had thyroid tests and they are "normal". Do you have actual results? (When you get hold of them - do a new post on here and members can advise)

Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies? There are two sorts TPO and TG. Either or both can be high, indicating autoimmune thyroid, called Hashimoto's. NHS rarely tests for TPO and almost never for TG. Hashimoto's often linked to gluten intolerance.

Many of us have had to resort to private blood tests to work out what is going on


Thyroid plus eleven from blue horizon includes vitamin D

Question is why are your vitamin D and B12 low? It could be gluten intolerance or coeliac. Have you had coeliac test? Can get false negative, and there is no reliable gluten Intolerance test. Only real way is to try adopting gluten free diet.

(I am not a medic, but have hashi and speak from personal experience - see my profile)


Norman centre in Florida - website is very good - also have made two apps.

One for vitamin D - called vitamin d pro - not free - I think about £1.50 to download to phone or tablet. Very good at explaining how low vitamin d can cause secondary Hyperparathyroidism. You can add your own blood test data, it works out likely cause/issues and does good graphs too

Similar one made called Calcium pro, mainly aimed at primary Hyperparathyroidism


Hi Slowdragon, thank you for your reply. I have already had the tests done by Blue horizon, the results are as follows;

Intact PTH 63 pg/ml (13,0-54.0) ref range.

TSH ).274 mU/L (0.70 - 4.200) ref range

Free T4 15.67pmol/L (12-22) ref range

Free T3 4.1 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8) ref range

Folate serum 4.3 ug/L (4.6 - 18.7) ref range

B12 182 ng/L (190 - 663) ref range

Vitamin D 10.4 nmol/L( <25 severe vitamin deficiency ) ref range

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies negative <60

the tests carried out were Plus T Thyroid, PTH.

thanks again any help understanding these results will be greatly appreciated.



Sorry TSH should have read 0.274mU/L ( 0.270-4.200)lab range.

thanks Olly


Have you had a calcium test ? without that result impossible to diagnose a parathyroid problem.

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Yes, my GP did the test a couple of weeks ago serum calcium 2.27 mmol/L (1.9-2.5) lab level

Corrected serum calcium level 2.27 mmol/L.

Thanks Olly


You need to get calcium, pth and phosphate done at the same time by the same lab to get an accurate result. High pth with a normal calcium does not usually indicate primary hyperparathyroidism although it is possible, you will need further tests to determine the cause of the elevated pth.


Okay thanks.


Normal within range calcium, high parathyroid hormone and very low vitamin D is secondary Hyperparathyroidism.

But as this page below states...If calcium is HIGH would be misdiagnosed primary.,.you need to see a parathyroid expert. Or a gastroenterologist if coeliacs or crohns is suspected.

This explains it clearly.


Has you GP offered you vitamin D supplements? Or investigated why Vit d might be so very low eg tested you for coeliacs?

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Slowdragon, it is possible to have primary hpth with a normal calcium level, it's called Normocalcemic Primary Hyperparathyroidism, things are not always as simple and straightforward as the Norman site makes out !


Hi bantam12, thanks for you input, I have been struggling with the test results as they appear to show my parathyroid is erratic with low vit d low folic, and low B12. I have been feeling awful for such a long time its affecting everything. I had Hyperparathyroidism in 1990s it took many years to diagnose me and ended up in hospital with Kidney stones and then surgery in 1999,

Thanks again I will certainly look into what you have suggested. I would like to thank you all for you wonderful input tonight, Ive had such a bad day today unable to get up this morning due to fatigue and muscle pain, and as you can guess already brain fog etc.

Thank you all again Olly


As well as very low vitamin D, your folate, B12 and ferritin are all very low too. I would suspect coeliacs (or gluten intolerance) causing poor nutrient uptake.

You don't have to have any symptoms to have coeliacs.....it is then called silent coeliacs. But as you can see from your blood test results, your vitamin levels can be very low. There does not seem to be a thyroid problem - did you not also have thyroglobulin antibodies tested?

What has you GP suggested?

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Hi SlowDragon, I think you may have something in this I have just check some research out on the connection between parathyroid and coeliacs, vit D, B12. I have just check out the symptons which is almost mirroring what i have been suffering for the past two years.

I almost feel like there maybe light at the end of this very dark tunnel that i have been living in for the last few years.

Thanks again will update you on results from Doctors.



Did you have Ferritin tested? If that is low this will explain some of your symptoms, in particular hair loss. "In range" is not enough to stop hair loss - you need to be towards the middle of the range. I also agree with the comments above about the possibility of Coeliac. I have "silent" Coeliac which was only discovered a year ago as a result of advice from this site to improve the levels of B12, D3 and ferritin. Despite taking supplements and getting plenty of sun for D3 the levels did not improve. It was only when I asked the Dr why I was not absorbing the supplements that he tested for Coeliac and this was my issue. I did not have any typical Coeliac symptoms - just been Hypo for many years and not feeling great/right

Good luck finding your root cause :)


You need to get your Vit B12 and VitD increased as soon as possible. Thyroid meds don't work as well if vitamins are low. I hope your doctor is looking at the reasons for your low levels.


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