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Pregnant, Hypothyroid and symptoms of prenatal depression

hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have had hypothyroidism for over 17 years and have been on Levothyroxine. Most recent dose was 75Mcg, which was increased to 125 mcg when I found out I was pregnant (at approx 7 weeks). My previous TSH readsing was 4.87 (at 75 msc) and is now 1.49 (at 125 mcg). T3 has not been tested. Free t4 currently at 15.5.

I have been experiencing symptoms of pre-natal depression (no interest in the baby, constantly crying, feeling very low, no interest in anything I used to enjoy previously; insomnia; extreme exhaustion - even in the 2nd Trimester, panic attacks and a feeling of not being able to cope with anything. It doesn't help that the NHS doctor I've seen told me to basically suck it up and I would get better. I've been reading a little about thyroid conditions and I'm wondering if there is anyone who might know something about this and if there is a possible link? Also, if there are any good private doctors you could recommend that I see as soon as possible, as I worry about the harm I'm causing to my baby with this condition and the thryroid hormone imbalances).

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Perhaps if you are referred an obstetrician/gynecologist?


hi, yes, I'm looking for the name of a good private gynecologist/obstetrician who can advise on these issues in London?


Are there doulas in your area? They are usually excellent and deal with all sorts of issues surrounding the pregnancy.


If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org who has a list of private doctors. I don't know if they specialise in pregnancy whilst hypo but you could always phone and ask.

You may not be on enough thyroid hormones yet and that's probably why you are having mood swings.

In the meantime this is a website which some have said is very useful for pregnant mums-to-be. This is one link and if you cursor down on the right hand side there are some other topics on pregnancy.



I have sent you a private message x


Savannah, I was wondering if you found out you needed more free T3. When my free T3 is on the low side, it makes me get depressed instantly. I hope your pregnancy got better, at this point, you have probably already have your baby. Sending you a big hug & many blessings!


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