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On Armour and pregnant

Hi there,

I was diagnosed hypo about 3 years ago after my 2nd daughter was born. After 3 months on Levothyroxine I was barely able to function and stopped taking them myself. I was lucky to find a great doctor who prescribed me Armour but unfortunately have not been able to see him long term due to the cost. The endo I now see publicly has let me stay on Armour (with a lot of moaning about how much they all hate it, harder to read blood results apparently!) up to now. But they really aren't happy about me staying on it now that I am 5 weeks pregnant ( they knew we were trying to have a baby and I have been lectured on this at every appointment for the last while). I've researched Armour and pregnancy as much as I can and I'm happy from what I've read to stay on it for my pregnancy, as Levothyroxine just isn't an option for me. But I find the big song and dance about it stresses me out and makes me dread each appointment. Their reason is that they've no evidence that it is safe for pregnancy,with its fillers and binders, and also that they find it hard to interpret my blood results on Armour?!!!

I'm sorry for the rant, but I was wondering can anyone think of any reason why it wouldn't be safe to be on Armour while pregnant? I feel confident I'm doing the right thing, but they almost make me feel guilty that I might harm the baby :(


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You are a darn sight safer on Armour than levothyroxine they are just trying to scare you with nonsense

When pregnant you do need a higher dose though sometimes and please remember that Hashimotos /hypothyroid is genetic and your children may very well develop the condition too


Agreed - Armour's perfectly safe, possibly safer. Unfortunately doctors are taught these days that Armour's not as good - which is rubbish. But they believe it, so just keep in mind that they probably do think they have your best interests at heart.

I definitely wouldn't risk swapping back to Levo - it would put your pregnancy at risk. Now is definitely not the time to mess about with thyroid hormones.

Plus what are they talking about? Do they honestly believe that Levo isn't full of binders and fillers? Re blood tests, do you know what they're measuring? Just TSH?

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Stay with the Armour and have faith. It was used for decades until synthetic Levo was introduced, so there must have been plenty of pregnant women on it, who had safe pregnancies. Great pity there are no records but someone here might have something you could show your endo. Why is it more difficult to read blood tests? It means he should test T3 and T4, in addition to TSH but that will not be too stressful for him and if we can read them, I think he can too.

I have had TT and have tried every combination of meds. It is only recently that I have started Armour again and I already feel much more stable, with better daily temperatures and no aching. The difference is good iron levels which previously were low and I could not process the hormones. Just make sure your iron levels stay high, as your baby will be using your supply too. Happy pregnancy and Good luck.


Thanks so much for the replies. It's nice to get some reassurance! It's such a pity there is no previous studies or information on Armour in pregnancy :( I got a phone call yesterday from the endo I had been seeing and he told me he knows the endo I'll be seeing while pregnant and he's not a fan of Armour either. I just don't understand the dislike they have for it, or the difficulty they have with reading bloods! He even said a lot of his patients like Armour but he's just not a fan!!

The last few blood tests have measured Tsh, free T4 and Total T3.

My latest results were TSH


Sorry latest bloods Tsh 2.3, free T4 8.4, total T3 1.23

My dose was increased slightly after this. I was told it's normal for T4 to be a bit lower on Armour, is this correct?



Hi Demc, With all due respect your endo might not be a fan of Armour, but he is not the one taking it because he is suffering, is he! You sound confident of your trust in Armour and I would trust your instincts. Surely if a lot of his patients like Armour, that has to be taken into consideration too. Wish you luck with your pregnancy and wish I was on Armour. Janet.

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Thanks Janet. That's what I don't understand, when us 'patients' like Armour and feel better on it why don't they want to accept it as another option for some, and familiarise themselves with it. Will your doc not prescribe it to you?


My GP won't supply anything other than T4 (wockhardt at present at my request)


Thanks Hennerton, will keep on top of my iron, glad your feeling better!


Demc, how did your pregnancy go? Please fill me in, I am currently being treated for hypothyroidism and looking for all info about having a healthy pregnancy & baby.

Thank you!


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