Hypothyroid Symptoms - am I low end of normal?

Hypothyroid Symptoms - am I low end of normal?

Hi there

I've been suffering with ill health for over a year now. Mainly depression (which has no known cause or contributing factors), hair loss, unable to lose weight, feeling frozen and poor skin and nails. I am following an eating plan that I lost 4.5st on 2 years ago. This time despite sticking to it rigidly I've only lost water weight of 7lbs on first week then nothing. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if my results put me at low end of normal? I've attached a pic of my results. Also my T3 wasn't tested. I'm at my wits end so any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks!

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  • Those results look pretty normal - emphasis on "look", because blood test results can be misleading. It's a shame FT3 wasn't tested but you might want to consider getting it tested privately. Both Blue Horizon and Medichecks do blood tests you do yourself at home - not cheap, but sometimes needs must.

    I'm thinking it's likely you might be anaemic, or are low in Vit D or low in Vit B12 (you might be low in all of the above!). Nutritional deficiencies are so often dismissed by doctors but make a real difference to how well you feel.

  • Thank you so much :) I'm definitely not anaemic as that was checked but I will have the doctor check for vitamin deficiencies and if all else fails I will have my T3 tested privately. Thanks so much!

  • There is a special offer at present on blood tests with one of our new recommended labs. I shall give you the link, just in case you wish to take advantage.


    The Free T4 and Free T3 tests give more information than T3 and T4 and I'll give a link below and you'll see the reason.


  • Your Ft4 is pretty low for that TSH. Try to get a full test done including FT3 - if that is low end of normal too, it could be secondary hypothyroidism (ie pituitary problem, not thyroid malfunction). GPs tend to know even less about central and secondary hypo than they do about primary.

  • What were her results? I can't see the picture and my test results are also low normal on ft4 and TSH... can some reply with them so I know what they are?

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