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The Forgotten Organ - Your Microbiota -

Our Gut Health is very important

New studies are showing how important it is to have a healthy stomach. These are excerpts plus a link:-

1. Either way, there’s no denying the powerful influence these microorganisms have on both your physical and mental health. This is great news, since this places you in a distinct position of power over your health and well-being. As recently reported by the Institute of Science in Society. (2).

2. Recent research suggests that many people are deficient in gut bacteria, making it a very important consideration if you’re not feeling in optimal shape, physically or psychologically.

In the study (3, 4) in question, a quarter of the participants were found to have 40 percent fewer gut bacteria than the average needed for good health. Obese participants were particularly at risk.

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Low stomach acid can lead to overgrowth of bad bacteria (candida albicans) as stomach acid keeps it in check. Thyroid sufferers are also likely to have low stomach acid which allows this to happen in the gut. "Acidophilus" is an acid loving good bacteria that thrives in an acid environment. I've been taking them for around 6 months on and off.

I became gluten free about 5 weeks ago and have started with diarrhea. I read that sometimes this can happen due to changes in the gut flora. I'm now back on acidophilus and the diarrhea has stopped.

My 15 year old son is taking antibiotics for severe acne, as we know they kill off good and bad bacteria. The doctor has recommended he stays on them for 6 months. Although I'm not over the moon about him being on them, I don't want him to be left with scars on his face, so I will put him on acidophilus when the course has finished. I also took a course of caprylic acid, as this helps to kill off "candida albicans". I'm all for replenishing the gut with the healthy stuff! It certainly has helped me with the bloating and indigestion.

It can apparently help people with "lactose intolerance" and people with IBS. It's a pity our GP's don't dole it out like they do with other medication as it's not cheap to buy, not if you want a good quality product!


Thanks for your input.

I never gave my stomach a thought, until just recently when I began to have problems. I am now sorting it out through minerals/vitamins/hcl and, of course, good bacteria.

I hope your son's acne clears up as it is important for teenagers not to have problems with their skin as it causes embarrassment. This is a link which is self-explanatory re antibiotics and acidophilus.


Try taking milk thistle tincture and berberis tincture 10 drops 2 times a day in a lttle juice it sorts out liver and digestive system are a superb supplier

try sprinkling coriander on all salads and main meals it pulls toxins like aluminium out of the body and heals leaky gut

be sure to get ferritin levels up above 70 (13-150) in order to absorb and convert t4

take strong vit c tablet with iron last thing at night


Thanks very helpful.


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