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Confused by blood results and looking for some advice


Have got my blood results back from Blue Horizon and would be very grateful for someone to advise me on the next best course of action.

TSH 1.86; Free T4 14.72; Free T3 3.6

Have had ME since June 2012. At my worst went for days not able to get dressed, crawled up the stairs on my hands and knees, unable to participate in any household chores or look after children. While I have improved (able to get dressed daily, do a small supermarket shop etc) still a very long way off being better. Have lost my job due to being ill. Am desparate to get better. Very grateful for any advice.

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This is from re CFS/ME which is a related condition.

I wonder if it could be connected to a dysfunction of the thyroid gland. It is just a thought as usually hypo is diagnosed only by the TSH and yours would come into the 'normal range.These are links:-

PS. when you post blood test results, as labs differ throughout the country, if you could also get the ranges as it makes it easier for members to comment. If your GP hasn't done a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these and get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges.

Don't know if ME is considered an auto immune condition. Have you had a test for antibodies? If it is positive try reading Robb Wolf the paleo solution and Terry Wahls, the Wahls protocol. I have antibodies and have reduced them by sticking to a gluten and dairy free diet as mentioned in the books.

DonnaldIW in reply to crimple

Me too, I went gluten and dairy free because of intolerances and my CFS/ME symptoms got much better once the damage to my gut had started to heal. Vitamin D (high dose) and B12 make a huge difference too x


Hi there

I don't think you have ME, i think you have a thyroid disease. Antibody tests would be good as would Blue Horizons comprehensive blood test plus X which will test all your vits, minerals, iron etc. I use Blue Horizon and you are bottom of the range for both T3 and T4. T3 in partic is very significant, you'll feel rubbish with no T3, google low T3 and you'll see what I mean. Your TSH is within the normal range, but the normal range is a nonsense, so we can forget that. My German endo tells me everyone should have a TSH between 0.3 and 0.5 and in Germany you'd be flagged for being HYPO. My TSH is 0.01, my T4 is 22.3 and my T3 is 8 - it's taken me ages to get there but when I was where you are on levo (I'm now on natural hormones) I felt a) like I was dying and b) like I was made of lead.

Personally I wouldn't go too far down the ME route - I'd buy Dr Peatfield's book 'Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy' Dr Myhill has some interesting resources but for now I'd concentrate on thyroid and all your vits and minerals.

Also, here's a doc from the nice folks at TPA which explains why thyroid hormone might not be working (including that produced by your own thyroid) - I'd focus on these


Thank you to all of you who have replied. May very well have more questions soon!

Having read all your replys I am now wondering what the next course of action I should be taking. Once again very grateful for all reponses and suggestions. Thank you.

DonnaldIW in reply to 39Atc-W2

I would listen to reallyfedup and supplement, whilst cutting gluten and dairy out of your diet immediately. It is not easy but the results make it very worthwhile x

Hidden in reply to DonnaldIW

Whereas I would not take any supplements until I'd had my levels tested, starting with B12, folate, ferritin and vit D. Low B12 in particular could need B12 injections for life, taking supplements will consign you to the realms of never getting a proper diagnosis, and they don't work for everyone. Lots of people with B12d have ME and CFS type diagnoses, have a look at the full symptom list here:

And this is a useful what to do next link:

I completely agree with going gluten and dairy free, but only after you have been tested for Coeliac Disease.

H x

DonnaldIW in reply to Hidden

Yes, once you have given up gluten the tests come back negative unless you do a gluten challenge. After you have finally started to get better the last thing you will want to do is feel ill again. My gastro was lovely and did not insist, he is happy as long as I mantain my health through diet.

I gave up waiting for blood tests for vitamin levels, they do not seem interested in doing them. I started taking sublingual B12 and it really helped with the fatigue. Same with D3, within a week my joint pains had almost gone. If I miss a couple of days I feel like a 90 year old again. I believe it is important to take K2 with the D3 though, so the calcium goes to the right places.

Of course everyone is different and It is very complex but if you wait for a GP to decide what to do, you could wait for a very long time (unless you are lucky) x

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