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Vitamins Query

Hi, I have posted on here before as I had been feeling terrible with hypo symptoms. I had the usual battle with the dr and told I was fine, but made to feel paranoid and mad - my TSH was 4.2 in April. Have really struggled through this school term, but started taking 'feroglobin' and within 7 days felt so much better - like the 'fog' had gone.

My ferritin was a little low (17) but Dr said everything fine and kept trying to force antidepressants.

Now, I have continued to feel OK, although still quite tearful and tired. I have just had my latest TSH results back - now they are 2.6.

I am very puzzled, as I don't get why my thyroid function has improved just from taking multivitamins? It does make me think though that my symptoms were so much worse when my TSH was higher, so I guess I know what to look out for. I just wish the Drs would give more information as they just seem to look at a figure then dismiss your worries.....

I will keep taking the pills for now!!!

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Hi Rich72 My TSH has just come back as 5.37 and GP doesnt want to do anything now but wants to check again i

n 6 months. I am so fed up with feeling ill and battling to get GP to test me fully for Hypothyroid that I took myself to Holland and Barrett to make use of their penny sale and I stocked up on Vits and Im going to adjust my diet to see if I can get my symptoms to reduce. I know when I was taking a prescribed vit D3 I felt a little better but GP told me to stop this as it is summer even though my level was still low. I dont think the GPs understand what we go through properly so we need to do what we can ourselves. Take care and gentle hugs Joolz.x


Rich, here are the levels of cofactors to help your hormone work. Most people do better on a natural desiccated hormone rather than synthetic T4 which is what the NHS prefers to give everyone. Not everyone does well on it.

Here is a website and also I'll post a video or two to help educate you about Hashimoto's.


Rich 72 vits and mineral levels are really important if you are hypo. Your ferritin wasn't a little low it was very low, 70-90 is best! You also need good levels of iron, folate, B12 Vit D and also try to eat a diet free of processed foods. It took me a year to feel a real improvement after my hypo diagnosis. Increases in levo of 25mg and regular testing of TSH. Don't be fobbed off by the doc saying your levels are OK oif you still feel rubbish. My TSH has to be below 1 for me to feel OK.

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You really need further testing...

TSH alone is almost useless.

As a MINIMUM you need FT4 and thyroid antibodies as well!

Helpful info here:




thank you so much for your replies - I will keep up the battle with the Dr but hope my energy keeps up for the meantime......thanks again for all the support on here - it really helps to keep me going and not feel overwhelmed by it all!


I had taken some vitamins for many years but stopped last year to get a baseline and to see if they were helping. I certainly found out they must have been helping as now felt much worst. I also suspected I might have a conversion problem and also read that vitamins help the cells take in the thyroxine so I forgot about my baseline and started introducing my previous vits plus madnesium and a Vit B complex and it has improved things. Still not the finished article but I feel its a start in the right direction.


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