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Confused with test results - advice please!

I had my bloods done on Monday, and have just phoned for the results but I'm confused. Firstly, I am taking 2.5 grains of NDT (was taking 2 at the time of the blood test, and left 26 hours before having blood drawn). Before this blood test, my TSH was 2.8 back in May - the receptionist said it was 'quite low', under 1 - but didn't give me the exact number as she didn't know (?). They also tested my T4, which was 18.7 but didn't get a reference range. I feel that it's all a bit pointless to be honest - I was hoping they were going to check my ft3 and ft4 but no such luck! Without an exact TSH I really don't know what I'm looking at.

I do feel a LOT better than I did 8 weeks ago, but don't quite feel optimal yet. I did try to increase to 3 a couple of weeks ago (I suspect I rushed my last increase!!!), and felt awful (shaky, sick, tired, palps and just really horrible) so cut down to 2 again for 10 days, and have just increased back to 2.5 today. I still have the shakes on and off, and also palpitations but otherwise I feel well. Could this be adrenals? I did have an adrenal stress test done before starting NDT, and it had improved since the previous one in Jan, but was still a little low. I have been taking adrenal cortex extract.

Is now a good time to order my own thyroid test again from Blue Horizon, and get useful results rather than the unhelpful ones the doctor did?!

And should I also check my adrenals again? I'm rather worried to go up anymore before knowing where I am....

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Sip, ask the GP receptionist for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges. It seems daft to order a private test now when your NHS test results are available. Order the private test 4/6 weeks after you've been on 2.5grains.


Don't I need to know the ft3 though too? And would that have been ft4 they tested? She just said t4 lol. I will go in and ask for a printout though tomorrow.... it's like trying to get blood out of a stone sometimes with the receptionists, esp over the phone. She even said it didn't mean anything to her.....

I was going to step it back up to 2.5 but chickened out so just took half this avo - so still on 2. The palpitations and shakes are putting me off increasing.....!


I meant to say, I have been taking NDT for about 8 weeks now. Would it have dropped below 1 already?



T3 in the NDT can lower/suppress TSH so yes, it can go under 1.0 in 8 weeks. Mine went from 107.5 to 0.16 in 4 weeks on 100mcg Levothyroxine.

It's good to know FT3 but if you test now and your FT3 is low you aren't going to be able to increase faster than you are doing now. However, given your anxiety and palpitations perhaps it is a good idea to test FT3 now just in case you are overmedicated.


I have ordered TSH, ft3 and ft4 and also an adrenal stress test. I guess at this stage, I need to know if it's either the adrenals causing the shakes, or being over medicated. Is it possible to be over medicated on 2 grains? Perhaps if it has been increased too quickly?


Just in case you haven't seen this link. It may be helpful:-



Thank you, yes I have seen that before. I have the book too :) Having only been told the TSH is 'low, and under 1' could mean anywhere! It's going to bug me until I get that print out now.....


Sip, it's possible to be overmedicated on 1/2 grain if you don't need it but TSH under 1 and FT4 18.7 don't indicate overmedication. I think you have been cautious and patient in raising :)


I wonder if it's my adrenals then. Will soon find out!! I wonder whether to check my adrenals first in case it's that, and then wait to do the thyroid test at a later date??


Sip, I don't know anything about adrenals so I can't advise. Can you order FT3 on it's own?


Ah crap, I didn't think of that. Have ordered all 3 now... Was only a tenner cheaper anyway at £73.75 (or £63.75 with the discount)


Clutter - just popped in to docs to get a print out of results. These are:

TSH 0.01 (0.35 - 4.5)

FT4 18.7 (11.0 - 24.0)

and also

serum free triiodothyronine 7.6 (3.9 - 6.8)

What on earth is the triiodothyronine??!!

Is the TSH 'too' low? And is the FT4 looking about right?

I'll pop the results in a new post too :)


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