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I am not to be alarmed:

Thank you for reading this.

Another test has filtered back to me.

25-hydroxy Vitamin D 62.4 nmo/l

Vitamin D2 < 6.0 nmo/l

Vitamin D3 62. 4 nmo?l

I was told that my Vitamin D level is typical of quite a large percentage of the UK population,

and that most samples taken have an undetectable D2 so, I am not to be alarmed...

Any need to be concerned?

And thank you for the feed back.

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Nope, no need to be alarmed but you do need to raise your vitD overall. 75-200 is optimal. Supplement 1,000iu daily softgel vitD3 caps. If you buy via Amazon please use the TUK affiliate link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/go_sho...

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Thank you Clutter, I will address this tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend..



Thank you for responding, Londinium.

I have read the article, a bit of a shock to see so many deficient of VitD, throughout the world.

I think we all tend to cover up more these days, than we have in the past, this is perhaps the problem, but at the other end,we also don't want melanomas.

I have always avoided the sun, knowing the consequences, of too much sun on my skin.

I was told that my level of Vit D was unlikely to cause any clinical symptoms, and that I don't need to supplement, well clearly, I do..

I think last year, in the UK paper's, a child was found to have rickets, where there is one could be

many more..

GP,s don't seem to have time to read what is happening in the world of medicine, so it up to us

to update them...often.

That is an impressive list of scientist's, two are from my daughter's home town of Boston,MA.

Thank you for the link, I feel this will be a Vitamin to keep an eye on.

Kindest regards



The increase in skin cancer since the 70's follows the rise in sun prep sales !

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Very hard to pin that rise, on the sun cream, I feel.

Perhaps the sun cream wasn't doing the job it was designed to do ( protect ).

There are so many sun creams to choose from, some good and some not so very good.

Protection has also to do with the SPF.


I think as the skin is our biggest organ - then pumping chemicals into it is not a good idea. Also you are preventing the workings of the suns rays in creating VitD. Low VitD is found in many chronic conditions - including cancer.

Behind many cosmetic companies you will find Pharmaceutical companies - I only know this as I once worked for one :-)

There are at this time about 10 chemicals listed with the FDA - in the States - awaiting clearance. They are already in some sun preps but they have been waiting for clearance for some 10 years I believe. Probably because someone like Big Pharma is wanting it to be that way....

Sun creams are a modern invention and how do we know those SPF's do what they say - if you think about it - it really is a nonsense. We evolved due to the sun.... Statins also block VitD production....

Of course as you say - some products are better than others. I live in Crete by the way so I now enjoy the sun. Tanning is an immune response so when we are healthy we tan more readily which of course protects us. When I moved here some 10 years ago on retirement I suffered with vitiligo and very slow tanning - I was using sun products. Then Hashimotos was diagnosed and now that I am optimally treated - thanks to a great deal of guidance from this forum - I feel my immune system is working far better. I use very natural things like coconut oil - organic when possible....

Have you read - The Vitamin D Solution - by Dr Michael Holick - it is an interesting read....

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I didn't know statins block VitD, I must let my husband know this, as he is on statins.

Anything we apply on our skin, can and will, get into the blood stream,

so we must be careful what we apply to our skin.

Londonium, has a good article on Vit D.

I am trying to get my levels up of Vit D as well, if it wasn't for the forum, I would probably not have bothered checking my VitD levels.

I only apply sun cream to my face, and leave arms legs uncovered, so was surprised that I was below the required level of VitD.


Statins block the production of cholesterol - the suns rays work with cholesterol to produce VitD. When you read the book I suggested you will learn that you need to reveal over 40% of your body into the midday sun for around 30 minutes on a daily basis :-) I may not have the figures exactly correct....

Before the TSH test was invented ( early 70's ) - anyone with raised cholesterol was treated for Hypothyroidism. Those were the days :-)


I will see if the Library has his book.

Thank you Marz for the information, all very good reading.

Take care


I sometimes think ( those days ) are still with us................


Good idea Londinium, you can then, save your breath......

I think the cosmetics companies, play on our insecurities.

Mmmm, this product will make you look, 10-20 years younger, really!!!

It has been nice chatting to you,take care.



Often BIG Pharma is behind the Cosmetic Companies - they need each other. cosmetic companies need lab facilities :-( I know because I once worked for one ! Only Big Pharma could afford the amount of advertising - display modules etc.

Sunglasses too , mess with hormones as the brain thinks it is always night time !!

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Yes, they do play on our insecurities, for sure, and very good at the advertising.

I have always worn sun glasses, regular exposure to UVR can cause serious damage to the eyes.

I feel you have to look behind all the display modules, don't be taken in by them, and do your own research, it is your health.


As you can see from my post below I have done my research :-)

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I didn't know about the connection with cholesterol and VitD.

My husband uses statins and will not give them up,too scared, so he

will eventually need to take VitD supplement.

Your cholesterol level must be a worry for you.


He probably wouldn't do it, I get plenty of sun,he would says. Well, he gets the same as me, so maybe he also needs topping up of VitD.

The statin he takes is Lipitor, the one prior to that, had a lot of weird side effects, had my husband rather worried,

( he never worries ).

Those statins gave him headaches, pain all over his body,

plus blisters and rashes, down his legs.

I actually thought he would be put off them, but no.

He is quite aware of the dangers of these drugs.


I know Londonium, no matter what I show him, he feels the risks are worth taking, rather than having a stroke.

He will not budge in his decision.

I hate taking any pills at all, even my Thyroid meds.

Take care


I expect you are supplementing with D. Some people have problems with their VitD receptors.....




Thank you for the download,looks interesting.

I have seen some articles from grassroots, but not many.


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