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Most effective way to increase Ferratin, Vit C and B12 levels?

Would love to hear others experience.

According to my GP I am not technically anaemic as my Hb is very good even though I have a Ferratin level of 10

A further test however also indicated that my B12 level is 215 so maybe borderline PA?

I have tried Ferrous Fumerate and Ferrous Sulphate but both have made me feel really nauseous.

I'm now taking Ferroglobulin to try to raise Ferratin level (it will also help with B12 I hope)

But is there a 'faster' way to increase these levels? I have some links to sublingual b12 on Amazon but what about the Ferratin?

Would iron transfusions help? Not sure id persuade a GP to prescribe them but would an iron transfusion actually make a difference anyway?

What other options do I have with Ferratin? I've cut out all the things that can inhibit absorption (dairy, tea, wine) and am taking a Vit C supplement each day.

Is there a really high dose Vit C supplement that anyone can recommend?

Sorry for all the questions x

I'd also

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Ideal ferritin level for us is 70 to 90. It is required to convert T4 into sufficient T3. This is an informative link.


I take Redoxon Slow Release Vitamin C with zinc Capsules and find them good. I take two slow release capsules every day - the capsules though not the ones that dissolve in water! There do a range and the boxes are quite similar - prices aren't though - these are the most expensive but Boots and Tesco sell them 3 for 2 which is a help.

I also take one a day of Jarrow's sublingual B12 - they brought my B12 up from just over the bottom of the range to nearer the top.


Injections are the only way. I inject b12 and C myself. I arranged my own iron injections abroad - get an iron infusion if you can. It is a huge battle to get one on the nhs - I managed to get one after a long fight.

Cut out gluten to aid absorption


How did you organise your own B12 injections? Doc won't prescribe for me as I'm within range B12 270 and falling. I need to do something. Oral and sublingual don't work for me. You've done well to get your levels up.


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