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Results; reactions and T3 batch numbers with Ferrous Gluconate / B12 / Vit C/ NAX / NA / Vit D /NT

Monday 5th Aug blood results back :-

TSH 0.28 (1.03 Dec 2012 on 30mcg 80928 lio - last dose 10mcg 15:30 day before test)

fT3 3.7 ( 5.6 Dec 2012)

fT4 2.9 ( 1.7 Dec 2012)

ferritin 75 :-) ( 56 Dec 2012)

B12 958 ( 702 Dec 2012)

(ranges to be posted later as I don't have them with me).

I am taking 30mcg NHS lio batch 81171 : last dose taken 30mcg@ 6:00am on 4th Aug : 0 levo

I had stopped prescribed supplements

Fultium (Vit D) with breakfast

Ferrous Gluconate with evening meal and

Dr BDP advised

NAX x 1 : NA x 2 both before breakfast

and Vit C with Ferrous Gluconate

Physio advised

B12 with breakfast

for 7 days before.

Result I had an AWFUL week prior to the test - dreadful low mood ; mouth infection or allergic reaction gone wild ; no stamina ; poor word recall etc etc etc

I have now added back in all the above plus

NA x 2 11:30 ish

NT x 1-2 late afternoon ( now my ferritin is back in better range it had been at 5 April 2012 I hope I can tolerate a gentle add-in of T4)

Result am much much better although still tired and not at pre-test levels. Mouth infection allergy has cleared and according to family I am "nice again".

I tried another 5mcg of lio before bed last night and am trying to work out whether this has left me a bit hyper - can't quite decide.

Lots of shoulder pain at the moment - due to sporting a rather flashy physio concoction of tape, beautiful turquoise and brilliant red, to reposition some muscle areas - they are better but my neck is playing retribution sulks. Hence the hasty posting.

Hope these results might help someone else - any comments welcome :-)

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I wonder why your T3 level has dropped if you are taking T3 (that's what you mean by lio, right?) Were you taking something else back in 2012? It seems the drop of your T3 level might be responsible for your feeling poorly. Is that why you are trying to add more T3? That's what I would try but sometimes your body can't handle it immediately.


Thanks Heloise ; yes that's the puzzle was taking 30mcg T3 for both tests ; on split dose day before in Dec and single early am for new test.

Supplements the same EXCEPT I stopped them a week before the test in August 2013 but only day before in Dec 2012. I have added in B12. Seems I really need the adrenal support.

Am going with increasing T3 a little, and adding NT to see if a mix of T3/4 is more tolerable now ferritin is up. . . . Could be racing around next week. . . Here's hoping :-)


That's interesting that your T3 was higher on batch 80928. I had problems with that batch like heart beat all over the place but no test result during that time. Ended up on antibiotics in May but looking back I was very hypo again. Felt much better on batch 81171 for last few months & my T3 is higher than last January. Your lower result could be due to how long before the test you took the T3; 3:30 pm and 6am is much bigger gap. I would love to know what my T3 is at it's peak but not risking gp saying that's too high, cut your dose...

I'm on 75mcg T4 & 20mcg T3 split into 2 doses. I take T4 & 1/2 of my T3 at 7am and the rest of my T3 at 2:30

I have vit D deficiency & feel much better with higher level of Vit D - recently did private blood spot test & level now over 90 ;)

Also feel better when I take B12. Probably need to take iron again like you.


Hi sewfossy - yes I completed a yellow card for the 80928 in June 2013 as I seemed to be getting slower and slower so am hoping the hospital guess that I was on that batch in Dec is right. As you say the difference in gaps of times could account for the difference, although I do seem to absorb more by taking one larger early dose than split into 3.

Floradix iron seems to be a good iron supplement for me and Ferrous Gluconate from the GP rather than Ferrous Sulphate - am still waiting for the Vit D results .

happy weekend :-)


T3 has a short half life so its not surprising your T3 was lower on this test if you took your last dose at least 24hrs before, compared to a shorter timescale the previous blood test. To give a true picture of how well the medication is working you need to take you doses as normal on the day of the test, but don't have a blood test in the first 2 hours. When are you taking the ferrous gluconate compared to thyroid medication? You need to leave at least 4hours after T3 or the iron will stop thyroid hormone from being absorbed. Another reason why your results could be different.


Thanks spring - yes I agree - I was testing differences between one early dose and a three way split dose. Not totally accurate but not too bad a drop in view of time difference. Also Dr Lowe seemed to say one dose is ok as the enzymes resulting from a dose have a much longer half life than T3. I take iron with vit c and about 6pm just over 12 hours away from T3 for max effect. Many thanks for confirming my thoughts :-)


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