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What do I do know??

I'm currently on 150 mcg Levo and 20mcg t3 ( have hashis)

Bloods just came back

Tsh 0.06

Ft3 4.6 ( 3.9 - 6.7)

No ft4 this time as refused by lab

Previously in January 14.9 ( 9-24)

Got a last minute endo appointment tomorrow as feel like death still , usual hypo tiredness lack of clarity , dark circles etc

Have been on the usual supplements ( b50 complex , b12 , vit c , ashwaghanda ) for 2 months

Fetritin 111 ( 50 - 300)

Is it as easy as more t3 ? I don't know what more to say to endo !

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Hi Stuart, yes FT3 still low so you need more T3 perhaps with reduced T4.


Thanks for your reply

How much should I increase? I have a nice supply of my own

I am fed up of 10mcg then another 8 weeks , then bloods then increase 10mcg and keep getting nowhere !


Reduce T4 by 50mcg and add another 20mcg T3 so 100mcg T4 + 40mcg T3 which is my perfect dose :-D Follow up bloods for me are roughly every 3 months.


I think I will , how do you dose your 40 t3?


I used to take it all with T4 but endo suggested split dose twice daily would be better, so now take 20mcg with T4 when I wake and 20mcg before I go to sleep. Forget occasionally but levels are good and I don't notice a missed dose.


I give below two links the first also includes T3:-


Thanks shaws, there isn't an internet page I haven't read now !


Also check for adrenal fatigue symptoms and fix it first


Saw endo today , apparently my synachten test was fine ,

348 went up to 800 after given the solution

Test taken at 1530 in afternoon

He upped my t3 to 30mcg as I guessed he would , and as usual off I go for bloods again in 8 weeks ! Grrr


What is synachten? well he upped your t3 so that is good


It's a test for Addison's disease ,

Yeah he increased it so I guess we are going with the long game again!


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