T3 Greece - what do I ask for?

Hello my private endo has recommended I go on a combo of t3 and t4, with 20mcg T3. I am going to ask my GP for this next week but I am not holding my breath. However a good friend of mine is in Athens this week, and I have seen on this board that T3 only costs a couple of Euros over the counter.

Do I have this right? and if so, what do I ask my friend to get me - is there a brand name, or would asking for T3 be enough? Does anyone know what dosages you can get too?

I need to ask for something idiot proof - he's not an idiot by any means by the way, but I feel like as I am asking a favour I need to make my request easy and as hassle free as possible :)

Thank you,


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  • Your friend may now have to produce a prescription as Greek T3 seems to have been very scarce recently.

    If pharmacists have some in stock it is usually just a few packets as levothyroxine is the most widely prescribed.

    I will close the post now as no information is allowed on the forum regarding prescription drugs. Members who have information will respond by Private Message.

  • Girlinoffice,

    Your friend should ask for UniPharma T3. It might be helpful if you Google UniPharma T3 images so your friend can show the pharmacist.

    As Shaws said, there is a shortage of T3 in Greece and you may need a prescription to obtain 1 or 2 boxes if they will sell to tourists at all.

  • Thank you

  • Hello Clutter,

    I also have a friend travelling soon to Greece and I'll be using this info to try to see if he can get me some... He has a sister living there so, it might be esier....

    Actually he is also passing in Turkey on the previous week and I was wondering if he could get Tiromel there, with no prescription... Do you have any idea on this?


  • Dalilafng,

    Tiromel is available over the counter in pharmacies in Turkey. They don't hold big stocks so your friend will have to order 48 hours in advance if he wants more than 1 or 2 boxes or will need to visit several pharmacies.

  • Thanks a lot for you fast reply.

    Have you any ideia about price?


  • Dalilafng,

    Last year Tiromel was €2-€3 for 1 pack of 100 x 25mcg tablets.

  • Thank you! :)

    I'll ask him to try and get me 4 pack... so it won't be too supicious at costums....

  • Previous experience just ask for Liothyronine Sodium. Maybe write it down. Most pharmacies speak English - even though med school is usually Latin. My friend showed a piece of paper and most figured it out. Hope that's not too much hassle - I get what you mean. I think and don't quote me but I think you'll need 5mcg as UP does 25mcg and they are fiddly little things to cut. Don't forget to dissolve under your tongue and to update how it works out for you.

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