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Need help with blood results for my 15 yrs old daughter !!!!! Thank you

Need advise on blood test results. Please, help!

Here are results for my 15 yrs old daughter blood tests. We have discovered recently she was born with only one thyroid lobe. Also, ultrasound revealed she has a lymph nodes. it looks like she has all signs of hypo: anemia, loosing breath, non-usial weight gain, having something like "shacking" attacks sometime, mood swings.

So results are:

Hematology panel:

WBC - 5.6 (3.9-10.2) 10*9/L

RBC- 4.87 (4.05-4.98) 10*12/L

Hemoglobin 121 (117-149) g/L

Hematocrit 0.39 (0.35-0.44) L/L

MCV 79 (77-92) fL

MCH- Low - 24.8 (25.8-31.7), pg

MCHC- Low- 313 (330-365) g/L

Platelet count- 255 (180-440) 10*9/L


Neurophils 2.9 (1.6-7.9) 10*9 /L

Lymphocytes - 2.1 (0.9-3.5), 10*9 /L

Monocytes - 0.5 ( <0.6), 10*9 /L

Eosinophils 0.1 (<0.9) 10*9/L

Basophils 0.0 (<0.3) 10*9/L

Grans Immature 0.0 (<0.2) 10*9/L

Biochemical investigation of anemias;

Ferritin- Low - 11 (>11) ug/L

General Chemistry:

Calcium - 2.37 (2.10-2.60) mmol/L

RBS 4.8 (3.6-8.3) mmol/L

Thyroid function:

TSH - 1.76 (0.3-5.5) mU/L;

Free T4- 17 (11-22) pmol/L;

Free T3- 5.2 (33.7-7.7) pmol/L;

Adrenal function:

Rand. Cortisol 161 nmol/L (Rand cort coll at 1050h)

( Pathologist comment: value is low and if patient is not on corticosteroids, further assessment is required. If part of suppression test, reduced suppression is noted)

Our family doctor told me that everything is fine, explaining results, just a little bit of iron on the low end limit. He told, it is not a concern.

We need assistance with results. I worry about several values: MCH, MCHC, Ferritin and Cortisol, especially last one.

Please, advise, how to understand it and what will be the next step? Also, how often lymph nodes can be checked. Doctor told it is not a problem, it is just one lobe overloaded with the work of two. What lymph nodes mean?

Thank you SO MUCH.



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Victoria, many people function with one thyroid lobe due to congenital issues or partial thyroidectomies. Your daughter's thyroid results appear fine.

Ferritin is very low and is optimal when 70-90. Buy ferrous fumarate from your pharmacy and take each dose with 500mg-1,000mg of vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation. It will take a few months of supplementing to raise your daughter's levels. Low MCH and MCHC are usually due to anaemia due to low iron

Ask your GP to test your daughter's vitamin D, B12 and folate as these can present symptoms similar to hypothyroid symptoms when deficient.

Someone will advise about adrenals and cortisol, things I know nothing about.

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Thank you very much for your response and time. I have bought yesterday ferrous fumarate and vitamin C. She started to take it.

I have no words how I appreciate your advise...

We will ask GP for B12, D and folate tests. He told us that folate is just for alcoholics :)


He's a prat! It wasn't alchohol that caused my folate deficiency, I was too ill to drink. Pregnant women supplement folate to prevent birth defects. Surely pregnant women aren't all recovering alcoholics.


Unfortunately, there are no many good and ethical doctors...


I don't know what the doctor means about lymph nodes. Everyone has lymph nodes!


I would go back and insist on further investigation ( like it says) into the low cortisol .


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