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Vitamin how much is safe?


I have been feeling so awful recently I upped my vitamins in particular Vitamin C from 1000 to 2000mg and iron from 20mg to 40mg and vitamin d from 4000iu to 8000iu.

I started supplementing because I was low in these a while ago vitamin d 26 (deficient < 25, insufficient 25-49, normal 50 - 200), ferritin 21ug ( 11 - 307) This was june 2013 and have not been tested since.

I have felt better since increasing these less fog and more energy, just wanted to check its safe at these levels.

I also take

Dhea 15mg

Vitamin E and selenium 200 ( 250 and 75mg)

B complex 50

Zinc 30mg

And Efra 1 and a 1/2 grains a day.

Anyone know if this is ok.



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All of that is fine, given how low your levels are. There's nothing unsafe about supplementing at those doses (Vit D toxicity is actually extremely rare - it's safe to take up to 10000iu a day, though most GPs don't know that). The only thing I would say is that 40mg iron seems a really low dose - what sort of iron are you taking?


Thanks for your reply solar gental iron the 4G is elemental iron.


If you were doing okay but now, quite suddenly, you aren't the problem is probably the Erfa - read this link for more info :


Thanks for your reply but the batch I have had I have for a while so don't think it is the batch


You can take Vit C of that amount &/or higher.

You should get Vit D tested, especially if you've been taking 8000 iu Vit D daily.

Your iron supplement although low is probably a highly absorbable form of iron, so you need an iron test.


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