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Seeing doctor today- advice needed


I am seeing the most senior doctor today in my practice and would love some advice. I was diagnosed with hypothoridism after a private blood test I took to my doctor. The doctor was nice and gave me a trial of levo. I moved up to 75mg after six weeks but did not really feel better in reality I felt worst. I did some research and went back and forth to doctor for blood tests and realised I had very low Vitamin D and iron, with low sex hormones, low vitamin B. I realised that the Levo was unlikely to work as I did not have the builidng blocks for effectively transforming T4 to T3. My doctor left the practice and my new doctor was a total idiot knew nothing.

I found a private doctor who put me on a effra and I take two tablets a day (AM and PM). i feel better not at deaths door but not well. I am finding that my blood test still show low levels of T4 12.6 (12.0 - 22.0 ), tsh 2.2 - the GP surgery said this was normal! However when I try upping my dose I get diarrhoea (hyper!)

I thought I would try my GP surgery one last time to see if they can help, as private doc is expensive. Any advise on what I should say?


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What's happened with your Vit D status? Is that back in optimal range now? The other biggie to test is ferritin. If that's less than 70 your body will struggle to convert T4 to T3, which might be why you get hyper symptoms when you try to increase ERFA.

How many grains of ERFA are you on? Is two tablets equal to two grains? It does sound like you need a rise in thyroid medication. Most people find they feel best with a TSH below 1.0.

Sorry this may have arrived too late to help. Questions tend to get noticed more than posts on this forum.

Hope the senior doctor is good (or at least better...) x


Thanks for your reply I will ask about ferritin.


If your GP hasn't also test for Vitamin B 12, ask for this also. Usually all the ones mentioned here are deficient in us.

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I have seen posts about people adjusting their meds such as ERFA very slowly - a quarter of a grain at a time, every two weeks - for their body to get used to it. You clearly need more thyroid meds. Your doctor will prescribe you Thyroxine (T4) and won't like you taking ERFA.

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