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Results back from 1st endo visit and his findings. Opinions are welcome

Managed to get my records from the hospital with the following results.

FT4 17 (10-19 pmol/L).

TSH <0.10 (0.5-3.9 mmol/L) Deemed suppressed by endo.

Cortisol 290 (110-770 nmol/L) consider a little low but taken at midday.

FSH 2.2 (3.0-15.0 U/L) low.

LH 3.6 (1.5-9.0 U/L) normal.

Testosterone 11 (10-30 nmol/L) Deemed normal.

I had an FT3 test back in January which came in at 5.69 and was considered high by the lab.

Since this test I have managed to come off sertraline which was a painful experience in terms of withdrawal. However, I must admit that I feel a bit better. I can concentrate better, better focus and can read for once without staring at words, not yawning as much and feel a touch more energetic. To me, this all positive and small progress.

I'm wondering if the anti-depressant was inhibiting the thyroxine in some way- I'm on 100mcg by the way.

Anyway, back to the endo letter. He has said that he is not ruling out secondary hypothyroidism due to a pituitary cause and has put me in for MRI scan which is this Friday. He also talks about increasing me to 125mcg. There is no mention of FT3 in his letter and my guess is he didn't consider a test for it, also I'm Vit D3 deficient and on meds for this, this was mentioned in the letter but that was it . No other tests were taken. He talked about keeping an open mind so he recognises something is not right.

Thank you.


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In what way did the endo think that something wasnt right. Is it more about your symptoms or your blood results.Im just curious as i see results like yours from many members and endos do nothing,Maybe you have got a good one,,,

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I think he is going on both symptoms and some of the bloods. When I first saw him I was prepared with my findings that I had gathered over a period of time. However, if the scan on Friday comes back as negative it will interesting to see what happens next. Probs an increase in levo I suspect.



Not sure why your endo would consider you hypo when your results suggest you are on the verge of being hyper. Suppressed TSH probably due to the levo you are taking but T4 (and previous T3) are upper limit if normal or high. Most importantly - how do you feel? Many people with a history of hypothyroidism would feel good on these results.


Hi Slakin57'

I do agree that these result would appear normal and would suggest feeling well but this is not the case. I still suffer from temperature issues, worse in the winter with very cold hands and feet, bad bloating and constipation, tired, dis-interested in everyday things, lack of focus, concentration, over sensitive, irritable..etc... I could go on.

I have to admit since coming off sertraline some of these have eased up, by a small bit.

I never suffered from hyper and maybe the endo has taken the symptoms into account here.



Hi Mark, your FSH is low and testosterone. You should take testosterone test at 9 am as that is what the band is based on. I too had similar figures but I am on T3 only as T4 made me feel unwell. Feel better on a morning but really tired pm. Joint pain still a problem. Did the end give reason for doing the MRI??


Hi Stephen,

Interesting that you've had similar results. Endo wants to rule out pituitary gland issues with the scan. He seems to think that it could be the cause for low hormone readings. My testosterone levels have been up and down for months, I've seen it at 20 and the few weeks later at 8.7 and they were taken around 09:30.

I think my adrenals are still to low and may have an issue with them. He didn't think so.

Is T3 an improvement as far as you are concerned?



Hi Mark, will PM you tonight


Ok, thanks Stephen.


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