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Full Blood results - Query if my B12, Ferritin are high enough?

Recent blood results back and I wondered if I could ask your opinion on them.

I am looking to make the switch to Armour from Thyroxine and wondered if my B12 and Ferritin were high enough in range. Also any help or advice on starting dose for Armour would be much appreciated, I currently take 300mcg a day of Thyroxine.

HB 142 (115-165)

Ferritin 24 (11-336)

Serum Folate 5.3 (3.1 - 19.9)

Vitamin B12 204 (180 - 914)

Plt 256 (140 - 400)

tsh <0.03 (0.34 - 5.6)

Serum t4 21.70 (7.5 - 21.1)

FT3 6.9 (3.8 - 6.8)

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No, your B12 is not high enough. Ideally it should be over 500.

Your folate is a bit on the low side too, but it could be the low B12 holding it back.

Your haemaglobin (iron in red blood cells) is fine, so you're not anaemic, but your ferritin (a proxy for body iron stores) is not high enough to rule out iron deficiency. You really should do a full iron panel before deciding whether to supplment though. There are certain situations when it's not a good idea and the iron panel helps you work it out. Also, if you have any kind of stomach inflammation, then iron is a pretty bad idea, so it's good to be sure that you need it first.


Ferritin,folate and B12 are all way too low and need aggresively treating with iron and Vit C but meanwhile you need t3 because your body cannot convert t4 into t3 currently

you could try NDT since it has a high T3 content but you may get problems from the t4 content


Thank you! Seems an onward battle constantly :-/


Also my neutrophils were low too at 1.2 (1.8 -7.7) and wondered if the this could again correlate with the low b12, ferritin and folate.

I always seem to pick up things going around.

My serum thyroglubulin 0.04 (1.4 - 78) and Serum Anit Thyroglobulin Abs were 28 (0 -115) forgot to add these in initially.

My b12 result is with me taking a b12 complex vitamin too.


Hi sammi

Just to say that if you reply to a comment you have to press the yellow "reply to this' otherwise the person isn't notified and you may need a response.

This is a list of vitamins/minerals which are helpful, particularly the last 3 which help in the conversion of levo.


If you supplement with B12, it has to be methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin. You can get sublingual B12 from Amazon (link on r/hand column). You cannot overdose as excess is excreted.

The two earlier replies to your question are very good and helpful.


Thanks for the heads up Shaws and thank you for the info too.


Please see this link:



And this page in particular:



These links are very helpful - thank you!! :-)


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