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Any good Endos/GPs in Edinburgh & prescription for natural desiccated thyroid hormone?

Does anyone know of a good doctor (private or NHS) in Edinburgh for hypothyroidism who is open to trying out NDT? And who also does more than just the standard TSH tests, eg testing for adrenal fatigue, T3, T4, vitamin deficiency...?

I've got Hashimoto's, and have been on Levo for almost 2 years now with little effect. I'm not from the UK originally, so am utterly confused and frustrated that my GP doesn't want to let me see an endocrinologist, do any other tests or even provide me with a copy of my test results (which are supposedly all 'normal' of course)! However, I have no problem going private, any advise would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

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Hi Persephone,

email for a list of endos and GPs. NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so most won't prescribe it but may agree to monitor you if you buy it on the net. Research your choice carefully, many private doctors also work for the NHS and adhere to NHS guidelines in treatment.

Patients are entitled to see their test results under the Data Protection Act. Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges. If she can't provide them ask to speak to the practice manager and say you are making a subject access request for recent thyroid function tests. Surgeries may make a modest charge of £1 or so to cover the cost of paper and printer ink but aren't supposed to treat it as a revenue stream. If you are still refused your test results contact your CCG or the Information Commission Office

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If someone knows of a private practitioner in Edinburgh or thereabouts, they will private message you.

Some need a referral from the GP and some don't.


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