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I have my fair share of experience with bad GPs and I suppose it's not much different in Edinburgh. I also suppose I need to continue treating my PA myself. Still, does anyone have ANY good experience with a GP there, preferably south of the city centre, in a circle of say 3.5 miles of Kings Building Campus?

Any recommendations, I suppose will need to be via private message. Thanks.

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  • Orbitolina,

    Feel free to repost your question if you've not had feedback via PMs.

    If you have a diagnosis of pernicious anaemia your GP should treat you unless you mean you are self injecting because 2 or 3 monthly injections aren't enough.

  • No answer as of yet unfortunately :(

    I have been diagnosed with PA in the past based on neurological symptoms, tongue, macrocytic red blood cells and in that normal 1000mcg tablets didn't do anything to improve anything. Doctor said that antibody test is only reliable in 50% of patients. Unfortunately I don't have any medical reports from that as the clinic only provided blood tests for take away (wasn't in a western country) and as such my GP didn't accept it. Upon testing serum b12 he said I was healthy and should not take any B12 for at least 3-4 years. Yes, of course I'm self injecting :(

  • Orbitolina,

    If you need advice on PA go to

  • I know :) I'm a member there. I'll also ask for recommendations for an acceptable GP there.

    Btw, I wonder if a local thyroid group could help me with finding a gp.

  • Orbitolina,

    Possibly, it's worth asking if you find a local thyroid group.

  • Yes, that's what I'm thinking. There doesn't seem to be one in Edinburgh, but some larger ones exist.

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