Anyone have any advice re: vitamin d deficiency?

I've been hypothyroid since Dec 2010, followed by vitamin b12 deficiency 3 months later and then vitamin d deficieny surfaced just last year. I've also noticed recently that I felt much better when taking vitamin b6 to keep the biting insects at bay. I take 175mcg Levothyroxine daily, vitamin d supplement and sublingual vit b12, as well as having b12 injections. I still haven't returned to my normal levels of energy and wondered if anyone else knows of any supplements or vitamins that may help.

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Go to this post:

Download the linked "booklet".


Has your ferritin been tested to see whether you are aneamic?

There is a pinned link to vitamins and minerals which may be helpful and

Yes ferritin normal, thanks for the link

This is a good list:-

Thank you

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