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How good is Erfa? Would love to hear you if you take it?

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Hi everyone

I have been really nervous waiting for this day.... an appointment with a private endocrinologist...... Well, I am really happy to tell you that my visit to Nuffield hospital was a good experience. Endo was really good. He adopts a holistic approach towards patients and totally respects the symptoms and effects of his patient. And....the best news..... he has prescribed NDT for me .....Erfa - and is starting me on a really low dose (30mcg for 6 weeks). I shall see him again in 6 weeks too. He is testing bloods for Vitamin D.

I know that Erfa may or may not help improve my quality of life so would love to hear from those who have or are currently taking Erfa...Many many thanks. Shon

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I haven't taken Erfa but it is a popular product amongst many members.

I wish you well and you will be very excited.

If you email if you didn't get his name from her to put him on her list of good doctors.

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shond2015 in reply to shaws

Hi Shaws

I did actually get the name of this Endocrinologist from the list that Louise Roberts emailed to me and I am so delighted that I did....he has a very practical, common sense approach and actually wants to see you better. I think he realises that by the time you have elected to go 'privately', something is seriously wrong! Anyway..loved his genuine holistic approach and can't wait to get the drug.

Do you think it would be worthwhile sending some feedback to her about him anyway?

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shawsAdministrator in reply to shond2015

I missed your response so although my reply is well out of date. Yes I'd let know.

I'm so pleased for you and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's the beginning of better health much love trix x

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2607trix - Thank you so much...I will keep you updated as to any progress!

I have been on Erfa for nearly 3 years now, and it has made a big difference to how I feel. I have very few symptoms now, although I still have some. All the aches and pains have gone and I feel almost human, far better than on Thyroxine or a combination of T4 and T3. I would say though that it was a full 8 weeks on Erfa before I felt OK. I had awful migraine-like headaches every day during that time, but it was worth sticking with it.

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Wow, Lisa - that sounds very promising! I am already getting excited now...dont like the sound of terrible migraines though !!

I've been on Erfa for 2 years. I started off on 60mg and was very hypo on that dose. Adjusted dose in small increments and am now on 120mg. Feel much better than when I was on T4 only. Lost 30lbs (that I gained while on T4) in the first 8 months. Only complaint is that they just recently doubled the price of Erfa here in Canada. Hope you have success!

A few years ago, there was much talk about Erfa having changed somehow, although the company denied any reformulation, and many patients being unhappy with it, much like what happened with Armour back in 2009...but there seems to be quite a few happy Erfa users still? The price of Erfa has gone up considerably in Belgium, too...

I have been taking Erfa for just over a year and a half now. I felt better instantly, but around Autumn last year I did have some Reverse T3 issues due to very low iron levels (6). I am hoping that by increasing my iron levels, I can start to feel the wonderful effects of Erfa again.

When I was at an optimal level, I felt amazing. So much energy, passion and an extra spring in my step! My constant sore throats and headaches were gone and my brain fog floated away! PLUS I lost weight - AT LAST!!

My advise; make sure all of your vitamins, minerals and free T3/T4 are checked AND accept that your progress might go up and down. Listen to your body, I know when I need to increase, my body always tells me.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. xx CC🍀

thank you for your feedback - all very very helpful. When you were at your optimal level, how much were you taking? you still take Levothyroxine in addition to Erfa? I desperately want to come of that drug as it definitely doesnt work for, or suit my body. but Endo has told me to reduce my Levo down to 50mcg daily whilst starting on this very low dose of Erfa.....(I think its the levo that gives me my muscle and back causing weight gain and weight loss resistance). Many thanks, Shon

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