Burdock Root

Just come across a 'Burdock Root' posting on Facebook and thought it might be of interested.

Don't know anything about it apart from what was written on Face Book, I haven't even 'Googled' it myself yet.

(Apparently,) Burdock Root is a medicinal Herb that has powerful anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti- microbial properties.

For symptoms of inflammation that affects auto-immune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Diabetes, it also strengthens nails and regrows hair.

Apparently It is one of the top recommended herbal remedies for cancer and one of the 'star' ingredients in Essiac Tea, also says it is good for many other medical problems too.

Worth a 'Google' if you haven't heard of it before. :)

Apologies that I can't link it. :(

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  • Thanks Coastwalker - am off to search the olive grove :-) Sounds good and could rescue my nails :-)

  • Hi Marz, if you do find some among your Olive Grove, do send some our way 'cos I wouldn't know what I was looking for. Lol! did think of you when it mentioned 'nails'. ;) I read about the Burdock root this morning, our Daughter put it up on FB and it sounded amazing when I read about it, but I haven't googled it to see what else it says about it and in what form besides tea, it comes in. :)

  • ...I was only joking - I wouldn't know what to look for either ! :-)

  • So was I ;) Lol! :) Daughter is into plants and their healing properties and has helped family and friends who have had skin problems that wouldn't heal with ordinary skin creams. :) :)

  • :-)

  • See this umm.edu/health/medical/altm...

    It does say clearly it's a diuretic (will dehydrate you) and not to gather it in the wild. Nice picture too. ;)

  • Your link mentions not to pick Berdock in the wild as it resembles Deadly Nightshade :O

  • Just a word of caution...it apparently stimulates the immune system so probably wouldn't be a good idea for Hashis etc :-(

  • Too good to be true then ? :(

  • I think lots of things that hypo people take probably also 'stimulate the immune system', eg vitamins and minerals. The immune system is terribly complicated (eg I am almost never ill, am hypo and have thyroid antibodies, but I have read on this site of other people who are also hypo, have antibodies but are always picking up infections). Whatever 'stimulating the immune system' might mean in this context is unclear. 'Stimulating the immune system' to do what exactly? Very many alternative remedies - acupuncture, homeopathy etc (probably include exercise, healthy diet, fresh air and relaxation techniques) will also claim to 'stimulate the immune system' without being harmful to hashis sufferers.

  • I think you would know in which direction something was stimulating your immune system, in a good way or not so good way as your body would hopefully let you know, that's if you 'listen' to what your body tells you ;) :)

  • We do need our immunity system to ward off infections and disease and I agree that if we were worried about stimulating it, we wouldn't even be able to take the multi-tasking vitamine vit C anymore. It's the auto-immune reactions we want to avoid but other than trying a gluten-free diet for hashimoto's (and that is contentious) I haven't seen anything that can be done to prevent auto-immune reactions. In auto-immune arthritis it is often recommended to follow a low-acid diet: i.e. avoid alcohol, coffee, meat and fish or limit the quantities and you are then looking at a mainly vegetarian or even vegan diet and taking supplements including the B vits, iron and C.

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