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Ashwaganda or syberian root

Do any of these help for hypothiroid,i.e. hashimoto patinets? I tried syberian root and it caused me from 1st tablet rush of energy, but thet hyperthyroidn feeling, feeling very warm and i stopped, now bought ashwaganda and read this one not good for hypothiroidism as well....any experiences among community here? Thank you ver i must go to sleep:-) this maybe killed my thyroid, not sleeping enough can be source of inflamation to the whole body

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This is a previous link:-

I hope you feel an improvement.


Hello there Ivy I take Aswagandha and have found it so helpful for my low thyroid....


I took ashwaganda to help my cortisol levels; I did research beforehand to make sure it was OK for hypos. Have to say it didnt help )-: . My understanding is that its an adaptogen, so very safe.


Hi ivy77 by Siberian root do you mean ginseng? Agree that not sleeping enough can be a source of all sorts of problems

Have tried ashwaganda but did nothing for me - alas, made insomnia worse

p.s. I am hypo

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Syberian root, it is made me hyperthiroid from 1 tablet within hours, so i concluded better not to take it.....i was reading stuff on immune balance and most hypothyroid patients are th1 dominant, and ashwaganda increas it so i wonder now how it may help then, and many naturopath docs claimed its wonderful, so i bought that too, but on the package it says warning: its not for hypothiroid confused


Googled rosacea and info. I found stated it was a skin condition, your not the only one who is confused!. Forgive if I misunderstood your reply. Life in general is full of conflicting theories .. Like statistics one can prove or disprove anything according o one's persuasion

Good luck with whatever you try, do let me know how you go.. We're all seekers for the best


Lol rhodiola rosea, oh sorry for confusion i missspelled it:-) too many new terms for me so i forget, i am forgetfull a lot and am 37 only this is why i want good thyroid hormones:-) withthis rate i would be dementia by 60!


Thanks for reply! Have tried rhodiola rosea in the past - so long age that I cant remember why (I'm almost 75 so brain cells definitely going - or GONE?) Think it definitely help with whatever

At 37 you're a mere babe and I'm sure memory nothing to worry about Just wait till you hit 50 and are menopausal. I'm assuming you're female ,if male a lot more to be concerned about if you become menopausal. Jesting of course, I was very lucky and sailed through change, memory same -such as it was


Hello Ivy,

I'm much improved on T3 only after 16 years of increasingly poor conversion of T4.

But I'm left with chronic muscle pain in my arms and legs.

I researched about this kind of 'fibromyalgia' inflammation, and have tried a number of remedies, most of which did evoke 'hyper' symptoms.And I'm on 40mcg of T3- the lowest recommended dose.

The most helpful to me have been Ashwagandha 250mg and Boswellia Formula 500mg.

I took one Ashwagandha at bedtime and felt rather hyper after, so reduced it to half, which has had a calming effect. Now I can manage a whole one.

The Boswellia Formula from Essential Ayurveda is a mixture of anti-inflammatory herbs and has ashwagandha in it. I take 2 with breakfast and have felt the nerve pains considerably reduced this last two months.

I had a backward lurch trying selenium, which sent me on fire with muscle pain.

My neighbour however feels a lot better for it.

Generally I'd say to start with a tiny amount and build up, watching your symptoms all the time.


Hi Wild Deer, glad that ashwaganda works for you. I used the powder and maybe was a bit too generous with it I find selenium definitely helps me, notice the difference if I forget to take . I have yeast free tabs. - yeasty ones don't suit. but if I remember take e a couple of brazil nuts instead Interesting how different we all are (it's what makes us human after all)


I tried 200 mcg selenium too, and i felt so tired after it, like i did not take my meds for thyroid. So i stopped and everyone claims selenium is essential for conversion from t4 to t 3, and then i read small warning that if you are low on iodine it may make it worse!! So maybe i am low on iodine, but after reading all the conflicting ideas on iodine i dont want to supplement that.....

I had joint painand PMS where i felt like i am having fever, so inflamed!! And it all went away from chnage in the diet! Increasing satured fats, decreasing unsaturated and polyunsaturated wich seem to be the worst and causing i switched to sort of paleo diet....this made benefits...but my ft3 is worst will try combined therapy!.......

Maybe there is no cure for this , but scary thing is autoimune conditions can go together, i do notice i have issues with blood sugar lvl, i start sweating when my blood sugar goes down, and it goes down for no reason, like when my metabolism is slow...i just have a feleing i am not converting efficiently food into energy....and i should have slim waste but i dont have it becasue of hashi........and things improved a lot when i took betaine hcl + pepsine, it was magic for 6 weeks:-) then it stopped working, and it makes sense that hypothiroid people have low stomach acid, becasue after i eat i feel like i will digest for hours lol:-) and like everyone will notice i just ate:-) ...for those 6 weeks while betaine was working wonders i felt like i finally started to metabolite food properly no heavy feelings no bloated, no water retention


I use about a tsp of Ashwaghanda a day. It has definitely helped my adrenals although there is a way to go. No hyper symptoms. This week I managed to take off my fleece without being cold TWICE!! Everyone else is in strappy tops or tiny T shirts (or no tops).


Which product Ashwaghanda do you take |Angel_of_the_North please?


Ashwagandha Powder (100% organic)100 grams from Gopala Ayurveda

probably bought from Amazon or Ebay.




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