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Research research research! Root canal treatment

Currently undergoing major dental work for the removal of my many amalgams. Root canal treatment was needed and was referred to another dentist for work to be done.

Four months later and I'm experiencing pain and discomfort on one side of my mouth/jaw. Apparently there is movement of the tooth and it's infected so antibiotics for a week. Have decided that it should be removed.

Am really kicking myself for not researching root canal treatment before treatment started, wouldn't have had this done had I known. It's quite controversial judging by what's to be found on the web.

Lesson well and truly learned!

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Do a simple google search "health risks of root canals", also look for my previous posts on here about my mercury/root canal experience.

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Done and most interesting, thanks.

How are you feeling now following amalgam removal?


I sympathise. I had all of my amalgams out last summer and one of them got infected as it was v deep and near the nerve, and the tooth died. I was offered root canal work, but had done my homework and so had it out instead. Luckily I don't have any other root canals already.

It's very difficult, the whole dental area, and if i need to lose any more, not sure what to do. I don't mind one gap in mouth at back, but can't deal with a mouthful.

Also it took me a month to get over the tooth extraction too, so none of it easy to deal with.


Oh that was bad luck. How many amalgams were removed? Are you feeling better for having it done?

I understand about losing more teeth and it would be great to have a never-ending supply of money to afford implants. This will be my second tooth to come out and it shouldn't notice but never say never!

It's bad enough looking like a bag lady with thinning hair, no eyebrows whatsoever and very few eyelashes so if I can do anything about teeth then I will.


I had 11 amalgams done, so I suppose to have just one go wrong wasn't too bad. Trouble is I don't have many teeth left, what with having had 4 out as a teenager due to overcrowding, and then my wisdom teeth out due to not erupting properly.

Sadly it hasn't improved things for me in any way, though I guess it's good not to have the mercury in the system. I am using Chlorella to try to chelate as there will be some in the cells for sure.

Oh dear me yes. I am like that lady you mention too.....v thin eyebrows now, and thin lashes and thin hair. I am 61 though, so it's downhill all the way now. That said, I have been slow to go grey I am pleased to say.


Well, that's enough amalgams removed but surprised that you've not felt any difference at all. Did your dentist give you a detox programme?

I understand - you feel that you're being really responsible by researching and spending mega bucks then end up wondering whether you've done the right thing! Time will tell, it can take years to get the mercury out of the system and would be interested to hear what you think of Chlorella.

You are so so lucky re grey hair! I started going grey at 18 and it's been coloured ever since but will not stop! In my 50's.


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