Valerian Root?


I'm having a bit of a hard time with amitriptyline withdrawals which is mainly affecting my sleep or lack off so I'm exhausted.

Google suggests valerian root is a helpful supplement for this so wondered if anyone has tried it? I'm taking 1 1/2 grains of NDT.

I did wean gradually off the ami but my advice to anyone considering taking it is, don't!!! The side effects are hell and now I'm suffering trying to get the damn stuff out my system.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Poor you. I find valerian tincture can help, along with magnesium. Taking some 5http has helped too in the past. I also meditate or do some relaxing breathing and visualisation exercises before sleep time.

  • Thank you so much for the suggestions, I've tried 5http but it didn't help so I'm going to order some valerian tincture from baldwins on amazon and hope it helps. I do take magnesium.

    I fall asleep but then wake at 2 am and feel wide awake. :0(

  • It's a bit more expensive but I find craniosacral therapy or cranial osteopathy helps my quality of sleep too.

  • That's probably help with the headaches I've had too but I can't afford it unfortunately.

  • In Chinese medicine, 2am is liver time. You maybe waking at this time due to the liver working hard to detox.

  • That would make sense, I went through a period of having cold sweats at the same time. I suppose it's a case of waiting for it to get out of my system.

    Why do doctors push these poisons on to patients?? Makes me so angry.

  • Fingers crossed you'll notice an improvement when it's out of your system. In the meantime drink plenty of filtered water. Also plenty of veg and fruit. To help cleanse.

  • I hope so, some people report it taking months.

    Yes been drinking loads of filtered water and eating lots of fruit, I have blueberry cravings!

    Thanks for your advice. :0)

  • P.S. I've also found taking some NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) capsules helps reduce toxicity, especially chemical toxicity. It acts like a blotting paper to the toxin and thus helps the body remove it. I usually find 1 capsule 3xdaily for 3 days does the trick. I had a nasty toxic reaction to some antibiotics I had to resort to last month. I felt incredibly toxic and had to stop taking them. I felt sick with an immense headache. I took the NAC and it did the job well. Thankfully! :-)


  • I'd never heard of them! I'm so glad they worked for you.

    Thank you, I think I will invest. I've been snacking on walnuts as hadn't realised they were good for detoxing.

    Thanks for all your tips.

  • If you order a pot, you'll get more than you need. But I find these are a good medicine cabinet product, ready there on stand by if you feel you've reacted to a chemical. I've found them helpful for chemicals I've reacted to in medicines, wine, tap water, sulphites in foods etc.

  • I added them to my basket on amazon, jarrow do a larger quantity which looks the same potency and is slightly cheaper.

    I normally rely on piriton for reactions but for some reason I can't tolerate it since I stopped amitriptyline.

  • Maybe you've got a liver detox issue presently, hence your body's response to these pharmaceuticals. My liver doesn't like them either, it struggles to detox them. Nelson's 'Pollenna' is the only remedy that I can tolerate for hayfever. I think some people's body's can cope better than others with processing and detoxing in their liver. How you respond to alcohol might be another clue. I know I've got low tolerence. I'm a cheap date on that front!! One or two drinks and I'm on the soft drinks! Arr yes, the days when I was well enough to date! ;-D

  • I wouldn't be surprised considering the amount of prescription drugs and anti fungal treatments I've taken over the last 3 years! I find beconase spray really good for hayfever.

    My son laughs at my lack of tolerance, I can't even drink tea or coffee after lunch time as it'll keep me awake. Since I gave up sugar, the chocolate that I used to eat daily makes me feel quite ill too. If there are any drug side effects, I will have them all!

    It's so long since I drank alcohol I would hate to think what the effect of it would be on me at the moment.

    Dating, what's that?? :0)

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