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Root Canal

I was a perfectly healthy person until a few months ago...I developed gastritis...I have had chronique fatigue and fibromyalgia pain since then...this all happened after root canals...I am planning to have them removed because now I believe all of this is coning from an infected root canal...this just happened suddenly...after you all had a root canal removed did your health improve?

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Have a read here:

Can your tooth be removed?


Did you take antibiotics when you had the root canal treatments done?


yes beforehand I did




Some people's guts get adverse effect from antibiotics. Michael Pollan (the guy who is all about eating plants and organic) had 1 dose of antibiotic before a dental appointment. His gut bacteria were analyzed before and then afterwards. Huge change. Even months later, his bacteria were still not back to normal. That's from 1 dose. It's documented on the American Food Project website.

I don't remember where the data charts are for another person who took a course of clindamycin and basically it wiped out most of the bacterial species in the bowel. Repeat testing over many months showed that the lost species were not recovered. Gradually there was an increase in variety but never back to normal. I'm sure that person didn't feel too good.

So it's possible that something's gone wrong with the guts (even if you don't have diarrhoea but you do have gastritis).

It would be a shame to react to the situation by having the teeth extracted and then find out afterwards that doing so has made no difference except on chewing efficiency.


Yes, I'm currently working on my gut as well..doing a candida cleanse..and taking probiotics to overcrowd with good bacteria in the gut.


How much probiotic would I need to take to get mybgut flora back in tact?


I would suggest that you also consume foods that come from the ground. If there's an organic farmers' market near by, get things like carrots and whatever else you enjoy. Rinse them but don't scrape and eat raw. There are many soil based micro-organisms that also reside in our guts and are good for us.

Antibiotics tend to wipe out everything that is susceptible and leave behind ones that are resistant. So the most natural way to re-poopulate is to consume the actual soil based micro-organisms.

Don't give up too soon because, based on studies done on fecal samples, it can take several months to rehabilitate.

Believe it or not, raw potatoes also help. Don't eat any that have a green tinge on the skin.

Steelcut oatmeal is good for the gut bacteria as well. It encourages a healthy microbiome.

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