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Is magnesium deficiency the root cause?

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Hi all,

Has anyone tried the protocols of Morley Robbins or Carolyn Dean? They both suggest that magnesium deficiency is the root cause of almost all diseases, and thus also for hypothyroidism. They agree on that, but disagree on several points. I find the underlying theory sound very possible. Any experience? Results? Thoughts?

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More quack nonsense I'm afraid. If it was true then people living in hard water areas where the water has plentiful calcium and magnesium salts would have a huge health benefit. There's no evidence of that at all. There are some slight indications that soft water areas have more risk of heart problems but even that is questionable in the sense of whether lack of minerals causes it.

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Jocelin in reply to diogenes

Thanks, Diogenes. Your vision also sounds logical. Morley and Dean are talking about a huge amount of magnesium. Morley for example also states that we should not take extra iron. I was triggered by that because of my low ferritin. Morley says we only need a very small amount of iron because it should be reabsorbed. Too much would build up in the body and cause problems. He says that we should also use vitamines A and D from whole foods to help copper do its job. Iron would be the transporter of oxygen and copper would be the key to get it active in the cells. Anemia f.e. would be a result of low bio-available copper instead of low iron. And the long term lack of oxygen would be a cause for disease. This is what I understood is the main idea from a talk on youtube. Because minerals (and vitamines) are so important in hypothyroidism, and many should be in the higher end of the reference range, this 'high magnesium story' has started me wondering. Also because my hemoglobin is in the high end and my ferritin in the low end, and my Ft4 and T3 in de lower end but my heartrate too high, which I relate to the electrolyte (and thus probably mineral-) imbalance.

Should you have any ideas, I'd be happy to learn!

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diogenes in reply to Jocelin

Extra iron only if you need it, but certainly needed in iron-deficient anaemia. A lot of water piping into houses has a copper length. Easily enough wil come from any leached out. Enough copper also in foods. Vits A and D. D is useful but too much A is definitely harmful. High Mg -don't ever be too far away from the toilet!

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diogenes in reply to Jocelin

Some more tips:

Some cases of magnesium overdose have been reported, in which people took too much Epsom salt. Symptoms include nausea, headache, lightheadedness, and flushed skin. In extreme cases, magnesium overdose can lead to heart problems, coma, paralysis, and death.

Unless your test comes back as low why bother. Taking a blood test for magnesium never works a urine test, yes.

Vascular Surgeon:


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