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Am I over medicated help please


Im beginning to wonder if my latest symptoms/issues are down to over medication.

In December my results were:

TSH 1.42 (0.27 - 4.20)

FT4 16.50 (12 - 22.00)

Ferritin 29 (13 - 400)

Vit D 40.6 (75 - 200)

I was on 125 mg of T4, ferrous sulphate for iron 600mg per day and 800iu of vitamin D. I felt lousy in December but towards the end of January/Feb I began to feel a lot better.

I then went downhill again beginning of March

My test results as at 17th March were

TSH 0.52 (0.27 - 4.20)

FT4 18.25 (12 - 22.00)

Ferritin 45.9 (13 - 400)

Vit D 44.9 (75 - 200)

Folate 6.2 (4.6 - 18)

Why did I feel worse at this point even though test results show positive changes in these readings?

My symptoms at this point were:

Pains in my feet


aches and pains in my muscles

bone ache

lethargic & weak

I visited my endo and she added in 10mg of T3

I do not feel that I have felt any better since then. My current symptoms are:

Racing heart when exerting myself

Light headed when exerting

sweating when exerting myself

heady feeling/sort of headache but not a full blown headache

Hair falling out


Muscle fatigue - struggling to hold even a hairdryer over my head without having to pause!!

My feet pain is much better, and I am sure the random pains I was getting aren't as frequent although the muscles now feel tired and achy as though I have been doing exercise, when I haven't!! Wish I could!!

I went back to the GP armed with a "spreadsheet" showing a progress report of my blood tests over the last year which included high MCV & MCH readings, red & white blood count is dropping too and spoke about the latest symptoms. I thought that maybe I was heading out of the endo' s territory into some other experts area and that the doctor could help suggest where I go next! She had absolutely no idea. She suggested anxiety, said my iron & vit D are still low and it will take time, blah blah blah. I don't understand this as I felt better in Jan/Feb and yet my iron/vit D levels were even lower then. She is suggesting a "Fatigue Clinic" - has anyone ever heard of one of these? What do they do?

I will make an appt to see the endo end of May and get a fresh set of results to see how I am progressing/deteriorating.

However, Im now wondering whether I am over medicated?? Does anyone recognise my symptoms as over medication? I really feel lousy and I am wondering whether to not take the 25mg of Levo and just take 100mg Levo and 10mg T3??

HELP!!!! Thank you xx

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Meant to say - Im always sighing too and my mouth is very dry, think its from sighing too much xx

...sighing can be a sign of Iron and B12 deficiency I have read.... x

Hi Marz, Yes, I think that is why I am sighing (iron deficient). Its such a pain though :-( x


No, not over medicated. Sounds like your doctor's right (goodness, we don't seem to say that very often around here ;)) and that your Vit D and ferritin need to come up some more. Also B12 - has that been tested?

As for why you should feel worse when your levels are better, well, I've noticed this phenomenon before. I wonder whether it's something about finally feeling well enough to realise how very poorly you feel. If that makes sense!

Debsydoorknocker in reply to Hidden

What? A GP correct?? lol! I feel really jittery today, so confused. I was thinking about dropping 25mg of Levo and seeing if this helps. Wish I knew what over medicated felt like and if this was it :-(

Serum B12 has been tested - 553. I asked the doctor about this and pointed out that an Active B12 test would be a better indication, she agreed but said that a serum does give an indication and as my was at a good level, she doesn't think an active B12 is necessary.

Are you supplementing b12? I think you should.

Ive not been advised to take any folate - do you think I should? Ive been taking iron tablets like clockwork. Im taking them with Vitamin C but it takes sooo long for iron levels to climb. Im eating liver (which I hate), steaks, leafy veg etc etc. Ive given up gluten, alcohol, sugar - my only "sin" nowadays is a cup of coffee!!! So fed up, still fat, not having any treats and still unwell :-(

My GP kept trying to get me to go to a fatigue clinic but I refused. I don't really know what they do, but I get the impression they try to teach you to manage it!!

Anyway, don't need to go now as I feel better. 6 weeks of Naturethroid and I did three 10 mile walks last week :-)

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