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New to the site. Trying to tie down symptoms, also does anyone have Myrios discount code?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I've been wanting to do a 'checkup' on my vitamins, minerals and the such like for a while, but after finding some of the information on this site, it's made me try to get something done. I'm unsure if I have an under active thyroid as I have some of the symptoms, but it could be any number of things I guess.

I've always got cold hands, and definitely feel the cold, it's not ok until around 23 or so degrees, and 'warm' is certainly in the high 20s for me! I have dry skin with Rosacea, eczema and red knuckles. I'm suffer with negativity, low mood and I'm told my "glass" is not empty, it has a whole in it! I don't experience 'highs' but my mood does seem to have swings from feeling really miserable for a few days, even with the occasional crying session, to feeling more positive and productive.

I have annoying perfectionism, so I look into things in far too much detail, and get frustrated when things don't work out, haven't done what I planned to do, or feel like I haven't been productive. Decisions are difficult! Sometimes feel mentally slow, mostly in the afternoon, and sometimes find it hard to concentrate or focus. I'm sure that my sense of smell has reduced along with taste, I often get colds, and I'm going grey and I'm only in my early 30s!

Anyway, I've attempted in the past to get vitamin D and magnesium levels checked. However at the time I only had limited knowledge and didn't know that a magnesium blood test (not RBC) wouldn't particularly be helpful. It also turns out that they didn’t actually do the Vitamin D test at all, since it was deemed “too expensive”.

Fast forward to now and ideally I would like a number of tests done to see if any of these symptoms are indicative of something. I’ve had my Vit D measured by the £25 test from City Assays a while ago, and it was low, so have been supplementing with some pills from Natures Own. Got another test to do now to see the results (after about 9 months or so, haven’t got round to it sooner). Tried to get an appointment with the doctor to see what tests they will do, but they are busy, so no appointments available at the moment. I’ve found the Myrios site and they seem pretty reasonable, compared to some of the really expensive other tests elsewhere!!!

Don’t suppose any one has a Myrios discount code, as I did read someone mentioned a 30% off one? I’m looking at the Cholesterol and Hypothyroidism, Iron (ferritin) and Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Tests which come in at £50 in total.

I would like to have a complete Vitamin B test, but doubt the nhs does those and they are really expensive. Similarly, I’d like a RBC test to do all the minerals like Magnesium, Zinc etc as I’m probably low on those. Hair analysis seems a good idea, but I’ve read you shouldn’t choose a lab that washes the hair, so which one would you use?

All this information is sending me round in circles I have to say! At least I’m starting somewhere, but it would be so much easier (and cheaper!) if you could just go to the doctor (like a car dealership) and say give me the full service please and tell me if you find anything wrong!

Hmm, sorry its really long! ;)

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I'm not sure about Myrios - but Thyroid UK works with some testing companies....



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