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Check ups, blood tests and NHL cut backs


I wonder if any can advise me. I go for bloods every three months at my GP. I am on 175mcg of combined thyroxine. I also take a high does vitamins as I find the b12 complex has stopped the occasional heart flutters I was getting. Anyway, the surgery no longer gives me a full thyroid screen (ie t3, t4, free t3 etc). They only take tsh and have said that if there are concerns with this then they test the other related aspects but not before. I struggle to understand how tsh can give me a good idea of what's going on when I don't actually have a thyroid any longer as had it removed 4 years ago. They used to give me a full screen and blood chemistry every three months and now I feel I am part of NHL cut balls to try and save money. Please advise and what can I do?

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TSH is produced by the pituitary in response to levels of thyroid hormone that it receives. TSH does go up and down in those without a thyroid.

That the TSH has no target is another matter!

Mind, I agree that TSH is an inadequate measure but it is,despite that, what most people get. Doesn't help you, I am afraid.


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The most important thing is how you feel. For some people none of the blood tests bear any relation to their symptoms. If you are having symptoms related to your thyroid function then I suggest that you do indeed need further testing, and not just the tests you mention. See and (click on "About Testing"). If you feel fine then maybe the TSH test is all you need. Jane x

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I think you will find a lot of people are only offered yearly tests, and that is only tsh. if your feeling ok tsh every 3 months is better than the majority get.


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