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I had a partial thyroidectomy in 2000 and have been on thyroxine ever since. My weight has slowly increased but I not hugely until about 6 months ago. I have also had extreme pain in my hips with intermittent numbness in my calves and "vibrations" under my feet. Every time I approach the doctor I have been advised its a pinched nerve or menopause. I also thought it was menopause until a few weeks ago after blood tests when the GP called to advise that my thyroid was underactive and increased my thyroxine from 75 to 100. My monthly cycle has returned so possibly wasn't menopause after all? It also seems that my hip pain as well as my other symptoms could be related to the thyroid as apparently my TSH levels have been steadily increasing. I will request all my results when I next see my GP but was wondering if I can request the T3/T4 as well as TSH myself or if I should see the GP first. I am due blood tests 6 weeks after I increased the thyroxine on 7th Aug? Thanks

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  • Dpa87, GPs usually issue a blood test form or printout to the patient or nurse for the tests they require. Not sure you can order FT4, FT3, TSH yourself. Check with the practice.

    Hypothyroidism and undermedication can cause periods to stop which is why so many women assume they are menopausal. Once medicated periods often return to normal.

    Musculoskeletal pain is also common in hypothyroid patients and when undermedicated, but may also be due to low ferritin and low vitamin D. Perhaps you could ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate when you have your next thyroid test. Numbness and tingling/vibration can be due to B12 deficiency.

    Be sure to take your Levothyroxine dose afteryour thyroid blood test.

  • Thank you for the detailed reply will make sure I request the tests you've recommended. My go said my TSH was 7.7 and the time before was 4.4 can I presume those are rather high? These are tests from 3 weeks ago and Feb 2015. How long do you normally have to wait once upping your meds by 25mcg to have your bloods checked again? Thanks Clutter

  • Dpa, retest 6-8 weeks after a dose adjustment. TSH 7.7 and 4.4 are high. Someone on Levothyroxine will usually be comfortable when TSH is just above or below 1.0.

  • Thanks again for speedy reply will try see GP prior to booking blood tests as she had said to just book in. So is it recommended that the thyroxine only be upped by 25mcg at a time? Feel really annoyed as have had pain in hips for well over a year and have been excercising at gym and Pilates and having physio with no improvement. Also presume my weight gain is possibly not menopause 😏

  • Also wanted to check if I have private med aid and GP not willing to investigate who would I ask to be referred to? In terms of what sort of Doctor/specialist? Thanks for all your advise, so great to chat with someone who knows and understands x

  • Fascinated by this. I had a partial thyroidectomy in 1999 and suffer hypermobility in my hips. It doesn't often cause a problem, but when it does I can hardly walk. I recently discovered hypermobility can be affected by hormonal changes which just explains so much in my case. Do you have any 'double joints'?

  • Hello there, I do have a good range in my joints but have never been considered double jointed but according to my physiotherapist there are no issues at all with my joints, its the surrounding area. Certainly seems to be more so in the right hip than the left. extremely frustrating when one just simply would like to deal with an issue and move forward. Waiting on blood results for Vit D and B12, have you have all the blood work done to check other than thyroid? Re the hormonal route, could very well be as I am definitely NOT in menopause since increasing my thyroid meds.

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