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Which private thyroid blood tests to get?

I had Graves, then RAI a couple of years ago but feeling bad, same old symptoms, tired, headache, achy limbs, dizzy on standing and tingling. I'm on 175 of Levo. As my TSH is in the normal range at 0.54 the lab will not test FT4 and definitely not FT3 so I need to get them private. I want to know if I should get tested for TSH, FT4 and FT3 or should I get the full thyroid screen with reverse t3? Also should I go through Genova or Blue Horizon? Thanks, Sarah

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Have you had your vits and minerals tested? All your symptoms could be attributable to something else - the usual suspects B12, folate, iron/ferritin, vit D & calcium.



Yes I have they are

B12: 427 (180-650)

Folate: 7.2 (2.8-15)

Ferritin: 66 (14-186)

Calcium 2.25 (2.10-2.60)


Not too bad but could be higher. Do you take any supplements? You could try a B-complex and some sublingual B12 and see if it makes a difference? Did you have vit D done?

I think you're right in checking your full thyroid function, hopefully someone who has had the tests privately can advise on the best ones.

H x


I have been taking some Jarrow sublingual b12, will try and get vit D done. Thanks x


OK, so was that blood test done after supplementing? i.e. were you lower before? Because actually it's not very high for someone taking supplements (and if you have an underlying deficiency then injections are generally better).

Another thing to bear in mind is that you need to take folate alongside B12, they work together. And a B-complex to stop the other Bs from getting out of balance. Here is a page with this info on:


As you had Graves and then RAI what everyone is forgetting is

1) you may have Central Hypothyroid so your TSH will be almost non existant

2) Old Swedish research showed that Graves Disease patients bodies are so sensitised to such high doses of thyroid hormone that they can never again exist on so called "normal " levels and musrt be treated on symptoms NOT on bloodtests


Thanks for the reply!! That's really interesting, what do you mean by central hypothyroid? xx


Central hypothyroid is when pituarity is unable to produce enough TSH to kick the failing thyroid hence no doctor should ever rely on TSH test alone

they should get TSH

Free T4

Free T3

problem is many path labs will as you found only test TSH and not do the rest unless TSH is above the top of the range

Stupid thing is they save pennies but spend pounds running lord knows how many other tests looking for diseases you do not have when they should simply treat your hypothyroid state correctly


Too true!!! The NHS won't care about my health, got to do it myself!! I've just ordered some private tests so will see what comes back!! Thanks for the advice!! xx


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