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Opinions please

Hi all,

Its been a long time since I've posted...not because I've felt better but because I decided to give the internet and forums a miss for a while....my head was bogged down with too much all at once. But im back for a valued opinion from you all if possible.

I am currently on 75mg of eltroxin and 20mg of t3 daily...however I am still very symptomatic. As usual im being told ny bloods are "perfect".

What do you all think:

FT3 3.5 (3.4-6.5)

FT4 12.5 (10-18.7)

TSH 2.21 (0.35-5.5)

TPO 610

My thoughts are I need more medication but im told I don't...I'm very confused =/


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Some people only feel well when the TSH is 1 or under. Both FT4 and FT3 are LOW - which would suggest an increase in your dose. Also you may have a conversion problem. Although you do not give ranges for the TPO I am assuming it is over range and that you have Hashimotos - or Auto-immune thyroiditis. In that case you may not convert well. It does seem strange that the FT4 and FT3 are low in range when you are taking both.

Have you had Iron Ferritin Folate B12 VitD - all five tests need to be high in their ranges for you to gain benefit from your T4/T3 and for optimal health generally.

Gluten Free ? Gut issues ?

Hope you soon feel better...


Hi Marz,

Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply, I wanted to have my blood results with me so I could give you the exact readings.

My TPO Abs are 610 with a range of <60...I have Hashimotos.

My ferritin is 40.4 (10-332) up from 30

Folic Acid is 11 (2-20)

B12 is 844 (160-911) I have PA and am on injections along with sublingual lozenges.

I'm not gluten free, I had been but was told to go back on it for coeliac testing and never went back off it...pure laziness on my behalf.

Thanks for your help


ferritin is way too low and must be over halfway in the range so over 150

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Any recommendations on how to get it higher without causing an upset tummy??? Thanks


Spatone is easy on the stomach but not very strong. I use iron tablets but take them with strong vitamin c and with food, which has been ok for me

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Thanks very much :)


I started taking Solgar Gentle Iron with vit c and so far no upset stomach, even today when I took two plus the c with nothing more than a bit of banana. They're 20 mg I think and I take four a day.

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Is 80mg a day not too much???? I most likely need it but I'm just curious :)


You could try Mega Food Blood Builder which I am taking now. It is very natural derived from beet root. The body assimilates it like its food so your body absorbs more. I have also attached the link from the US Amazon site so you can read the reviews. One lady recommended this to her oncologist who now recommends this to her patients.

Mega Food Blood Builder 60 Tablets




You haven't mentioned VitD - so important. There is an article on vitamindcouncil.org about low D being implicated in anaemia - have a look :-) As far as I can see VitD is implicated in so many workings of the body....


I agree with Marz - your TSH seems high for medicated thyroid, and your Free Ts low; I too think you probably need higher doses. The issue of non-conversion or at least impaired conversion could well be at play because the doses you're on seem reasonable to me. Good luck!


Thanks a million :)


You're symptomatic, therefore you're under treated. The test results are a really unreliable way of getting well. The general ranges are too broad for one person, you probably only feel well in a small section of each range. You need to adjust until you feel well then have another test. You didn't say if you'd taken meds on day of test, or what time test was taken. T4 and TSH may be high, you may need more T3. Good luck


Thanks a million I'm going to speak with my GP/Endo :)


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