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Semi proffesional opinions please

Hello there,

Hope everyone is feeling well today.

I am a 27 year old individual who has been unwell for almost four years. I was told i was depressed / making it up / crazy and eventually given a lable of fibromyalgia and sent away with a fist full of tramadol and told to live with it.

Both of my parents have thyroid disorders (Hypothyroid) but i was always told despite this and my symptoms matching my mums at her age it was not thyroid related. i got talking to a friend who had a similar story and has succesfully been treated by Dr Skinner. I arranged an appointment (Due a week on friday - the 14th) and recently also had some private bloods done as my NHS ones were always within the "normal" range. I think i know what my results suggest but im pretty new to all this so opinions of those fo you who are familiar with these things would be very welcome.


Total thyroxine (T4) 105nmol / L 59-154

TSH6.77 Miu / L 0.27 – 4.2

Free Thyroxine14.8 pmol / l 12 – 22

Free T34.1 pmol /L3.1 – 6.8

Thyroglobulin antibodies 188.1 IU/Ml0-115(negative)

Method used for Anti –tg: Rouche Modular

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 373.9 IU/mL0-34

Method used for Anti –tpo: Rouche Modular

Thyroid Microsomal AB: (conf) Positive – Titre of 1 in 102,400

Many kind regards Kerry

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Well you have a thyroid problem. It's evidenced by the raised tsh and the positive antibody test. The test says negative because any result between 0- 115 is negative, but your result is higher.

You should ask your doctor for thyroid hormones and refer him to the dr toft book, understanding thyroid problems. ( less than a fiver from the net or from chemists). Or, even refer your doctor to the British thyroid association who have lousy treatments options for patients, but even they advocate treating when tsh gets to 5 and there are antiblodies.

What is your doctor playing at? D S is wonderful, but your case is so clear cut that you ShouldnT have to spend your money seeing him.....

Your doctor cannot argue with the bta and dr toft, not unless he is a complete moron..... In which case, report him to the head of practice.



I second that! And your FT4 and FT3 are too low. I think your doctor is a moron! Well, ignorant at best.

Hugs, Grey


They are morons to be honest. The last time I had an nhs tsh test I was within the five (4.3) but I just have no faith in them anymore. I just want to feel better (although I don't dare get my hopes up that this will fix any of my problems)


.....sadly the blood test rules and with endless symptoms you can still be declared normal. Medicine should be an art as well as a science - then we would all feel better.

Good Luck and keep us informed....


....hmmm... looks to me like you might have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, your tpo anitbodies are high and your tsh is high too. Good luck finding answers... believe in yourself.


I've been a patient of dr Skinner for a while now Can Shed any light on these results? Tsh - 0.01 t4-24.7 (range 9-19.1) t3- 5.56 (range 3.6-6.5) antibodies shot up from 394 to 1000

It doesn't look how id have expected it too? Im on 175 thyroxine. You guys are much cleverer than me. Also I was feeling great but I've hit a bit of a wall again the last month or so. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia originally. Last bloods before thyroxine my tsh was 6.7 and everthing else was in range


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